Healthy Together in a 2 Person Sauna

Everyone wants to be healthier. Whether it’s eating right, exercising, or anything else, we all want to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. However, it’s not always easy, particularly when we live with someone else. If one member in a marriage or committed relationship starts trying to force the other one to eat healthier, or to start an exercise program, it can be difficult to get the other person on board (no matter how much they might want to do it or how much they could benefit). This is just one reason that so many couples purchase our 2 person sauna products. These provide a great way for couples to spend time together while both getting health benefits. 

2 Person Sauna: Room for Both 

These saunas are, for so many, the perfect size. That means that they’re big enough for two people to sit comfortably inside of them. However, they also aren’t so big that they don’t fit comfortably in a basement, backroom, bedroom, or something like that. These saunas can give you all of the room you need to feel great while also not being so big as to be an ill-fit for any home. With this sauna, you can take just a small bit of space in your place of living and give you (as well as those you live with) massive health benefits. 

2 person sauna

Pain Relief you Can Share 

There are plenty of fun dates that can provide benefits to both partners. For example, if you both go for a run, you would both get the health benefits from running. The same goes for hiking, working out, and so forth. That’s what makes our saunas for two so great: you can both get the natural pain relief that comes from these saunas. See, we’ve made them with our patented Tecoloy technology. This tech makes it possible for you both to get relief from arthritis, fatigue, sports injuries, and any other aches and pains that we associate with getting older. All you two have to do is sit comfortably and you can literally soak in the health benefits. 

Losing Weight a Simpler Way 

All of us want to lose weight. Even the healthiest, thinnest people you know probably feel like they have to do something to lose weight. It can be one of the most difficult things to do, which is why it’s so important to find healthy ways to lose weight that fit organically into your life. Our infrared saunas have been proven to provide similar benefits to running. Better yet, with our saunas for two, you can get all of those health benefits while just sitting back and enjoying the company of the one you love. Imagine getting all of the health benefits of running while just discussing the events of the day with someone you love. That may sound preposterous, but it’s exactly what our saunas can allow you to do. When you’re ready to know more, give us a call at (714) 942-4884. 

Personal Sauna: The Height of Pleasure at Low Prices

Having your own personal sauna in your home can seem like something that only movie stars would have. It’s easy to imagine someone with tens of millions of dollars in their own sauna, sure. You might think that they have their own music pumping in, they could even have it in their home, right where they live. However, here’s the thing: it’s not just for rich people. You don’t have to be worth millions to get a sauna in your home. Here at Health Mate, we have plenty of great saunas that can make you feel like a million bucks without costing you that much. 

Personal Sauna

What a Personal Sauna Has 

Some people might have this assumption that, just because a sauna is in a home, it’s somehow “less” than a sauna you might encounter elsewhere. Our company, in fact, is built around the opposite idea. We believe that a sauna that’s inside your home should be of even higher quality than any sauna that you would find at a gym, health club, or anywhere else. So, when you get one of our saunas, you’ll find that they’re made of top-quality all-natural, whole wood that we source from sustainable growers. Indeed, that’s only the start of how we make sure that our saunas are good enough for our customers. 

Right Sauna, Right Lighting 

Too many of the sauna products that other places offer use what’s called “food lighting.” now, that might sound like a euphemism or simile, a way of saying “oh, the lighting that they use in their sauna is like the lighting that might be used to keep food warm.” No. It’s not a simile, it’s not a metaphor, nor is it a euphemism or an exaggeration: it’s the same lighting that keeps food warm. We believe that people are better than food. So they deserve a kind of heat and light that’s better than say, hot dogs spinning at a convenience store. In our saunas, we use Tecoloy heating technology, which makes sure that you get the best in heating, but that you also get the best in heating safely. 


You can live like a king without having to pay a king’s ransom simply to get a great sauna. That’s why we offer financing options on our saunas. With zero interest, we can probably work out a way for you to get the sauna that you want. See, in addition to making you feel good, these saunas can do wonderful things for your health. They can help you with pain relief, weight loss and so much more. We want more people to experience that, so that they can, quite literally, live their best life. In order to do that, we have to make sure that as many people get these saunas as possible. Really, that’s what this financing is about: helping more people enjoy the benefits of saunas. To start the process, call (714) 942-4884.

Start (or End) the Day Right With a 2 Person Sauna

“We don’t seem to talk much anymore.” Do you find yourself saying that to your partner? Or, do you hear them saying it to you? It’s completely understandable. Look at how busy we are all now. It’s difficult to spend a whole day at work, exercise, go through your life, and still find that time to spend with the person that matters most to you. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your relationship, it probably just means that you’re lacking in an opportunity to get it done. A 2 person sauna provides just the place. 


Together in Comfort 


Most people, when think of “sauna,” think of the saunas they might have encountered in hotels or gyms. Those saunas are anything but private, and in many cases, anything but comfortable. As people are going through saunas essentially every day of the year, they tend to wear down quickly. Our saunas, your private home sauna, are essentially made to be the opposite of that. This sauna can be comfortable to sit in. You can even have the music that you want playing. Imagine kicking back with your beloved after a long day, sitting in a sauna, listening to “your songs.” That’s love. And, it’s life in a Health Mate Sauna. 

2 person sauna

Healthy Together 


In relationships, it sometimes feels like there’s one person whose role is always to tell the other: “you need to take better care of yourself” (of course, they often phrase it better than that). This person can change from one to the other over the course of a relationship. When you’re trying to spend more quality time with the one you love, it’s natural to think to spend more time out at a restaurant or a bar. That can be fun, but these saunas can be a better place to connect to your partner. When you’re in one of our saunas, you’ll both get the incredible health benefits that come from being in a sauna. That means you’ll both be soaking in that warmth, both of you will have all of the toxins flushed out of your body. With our 2 person sauna, you can live healthier together. 


Sauna on a Whim 


Say that, right now, you or your partner leaned over to the other and said: “let’s go to a 2 person sauna.” For many, this would be an impossibility. Maybe you’re reading this at very early in the morning, or perhaps very late at night. At neither time will a public sauna be open. Even if a sauna is open, well, you’d both have to get to it. That means you’d have to get dressed, and also bring with you what you’re going to wear in the sauna. When you have your own sauna, all of these considerations vanish. If you want to just go into a sauna early in the morning, late at night, or any other time of the day, you can do so. For the right kind of sauna for you and your home, call us at (877) 595-3221.

Home Infrared Sauna: Health on Your Terms

How many times have you had something delicious to eat somewhere and then thought: “there has to be a way I can make this at home”? Whether you’re eating something healthy at a restaurant, or an incredible dish at someone’s house when you can make it on your own, that allows you to partake of it more often. You’ll save more money making it on your own in your own home than you would be going out to eat it. If it’s an especially healthy dish, then you’ll be able to get those health benefits at any time, which can help you to live an even healthier lifestyle. That same reasoning goes for a home infrared sauna. When you have your own sauna, you can get those health benefits whenever. 


A Home Infrared Sauna You Can Trust 


Some people are a little reticent, at first, about having a sauna in their home. This is understandable: saunas can get warm, they may seem like some kind of new technology, and there can be a bit of apprehension about bringing those into the place where you live. That’s why we designed our saunas to be as safe as possible for homes. You can even put them on carpet if you like. Our saunas can fit practically anywhere in your home so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of a sauna safely. 

home infrared sauna

A Sauna for Your Immune System 


It’s easy to lose track of just how many threats your immune system has to deal with in a given day. Sure, our immune systems are resilient and powerful, but they have to fight so much in a given day. With a sauna in your home, it’s like you’re giving them reinforcements. Think about all of the pollution in the air, toxic metals in the water, pesticides, PCBs in plastics, GMOs and everything else that we don’t know about — your immune system is outnumbered and outgunned at best. By having a sauna in your home, you can help your immune system out. Instead of taking on all of those things alone, your sauna can fight alongside your immune system. It can clear out all of the toxins, metals, pesticides, and plenty of other negative things in your body. 


Supercharge Weight Loss 


If you’re like so many of us, you do everything you can to lose weight, eating right, working out, and so forth. While all of that is important to your health, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll lose the weight you want to lose. Even if you do everything right, even if you’re in great, healthy shape, you may not be able to lose the weight you want in specific parts of your body. A home infrared sauna gives you one more way to be able to burn weight in a healthy, safe manner. Better still, recovering in an infrared sauna at home can help your body to heal for your next workout. To get started with a sauna, call us at (877) 595-3221.

How an Infrared Sauna Improves Your Life

“Infrared” is one of those words that movies and TV might have given folks the wrong impression about. When people hear “infrared,” they might think of “infrared vision,” which shows the “heat signatures” of people and the like. Sure, that tech exists, but that has nothing to do with our saunas. Here at Health Mate Sauna, we utilize infrared technology to give you a sauna experience that rejuvenates and revitalizes your body, providing plenty of relaxation and health benefits along the way. An infrared sauna can have a significant positive impact on your life. 


Why Infrared 


We’re often asked “why do your saunas use infrared technology? Isn’t there a better way to heat them?” The truth is that no, there isn’t. The infrared tech that we use gets you hotter quicker and in a safer way than other methods of heat. That way, you can experience all of the great benefits that come from being warm in a sauna without any of the potential downsides. If you try other saunas, they use inferior and frankly, potentially dangerous forms of heat. That includes, and we’re not making this up, food lamps, similar to the ones you’d see at a cafeteria or convenience store. By utilizing the best in infrared tech, we’re able to offer our customers a better overall heating experience. 

infrared sauna

Infrared Red Sauna Pain Relief 


For so many people, the most important reason to get into a sauna is to relieve pain. After a long workout, after a long day at work, or even before what you know is going to be a physically difficult task – a sauna should be able to provide not just pain relief, but natural pain relief. The patented Tecoloy heating in our saunas doesn’t just help with pain relief, it helps with chronic pain relief. Instead of taking some kind of pill or something, hoping that your pain will go away for even a brief period of time, you can get into a sauna that will actually do something about your chronic pain. While using one of our saunas is a great way to relax, they’re also a great way to fight back, too. 


Pain Relief When You Want It 


Many of our customers get our saunas in their homes so that they can use them whenever they want. As they’re so effective for chronic pain relief, our customers want to use them again and again. Traveling to another location to use a sauna daily is inefficient at best, expensive and time-consuming at worst. With our saunas, you can save yourself a lot of time and money all while ensuring that you feel great for whatever’s ahead. Infrared technology is a proven way to make your body feel better inside and out. Whether you’re looking for a way to detox and sweat the day away; or if you want the perfect way to start any day of the year, we’ve got a sauna for you. Learn more by going to our site or calling  (877) 595-3221.

The Advantages of Having Your Own Home Infrared Sauna

A lot of us have considered the option of getting our own personal sauna for our home. However, the idea might initially seem too inconvenient or simply too much. However, it doesn’t have to be! A home infrared sauna is a great, albeit unconventional way of having your own personal sauna that’s efficient, easy to maintain, and still provides the health benefits of regular saunas. If you aren’t convinced because of how foreign the technology sounds or how superfluous the idea might seem, hear us out. You might be on to something interesting and new if you give a home infrared sauna a chance.

Convenient and Inexpensive Upkeep

The idea of personal saunas sounds great until you have to consider their size. Well, worry not! Home infrared saunas are actually very manageable in terms of size, especially because, unlike other kinds of saunas, they don’t require an entire room dedicated to them. Additionally, they can be placed both inside and outside for added convenience. Not to mention that they don’t consume as much energy as, say, steam or electrical stove saunas. A home infrared sauna is easy to accommodate, to maintain, and to use without any sort of additional materials and excessive amounts of money poured into their everyday use.

Home Infrared Sauna

Temperature Control

A common problem that a lot of people have with traditional saunas is the temperature levels. People with lower heat tolerance will have trouble comfortably using them for a significant period of time because their modus operandi does not allow for reasonable temperature control. You control the temperature by means of regulating the humidity in the room, rendering it very imprecise and confusing. With a home infrared sauna, you can manually control the temperature you want the sauna to be at with an electronic pad. The technology, which heats the body instead of the room, also allows for lower temperatures to achieve the same feeling of relaxation and comfort regular saunas do.  

Tangible Health Benefits

Saunas have been used for therapeutic and healing practices for a long time, but infrared sauna technology has finally allowed for the benefits to be made available without the hassle, expense, and discomfort of other types of saunas. They act as natural pain relievers and help the body detox itself from harmful substances our skin absorbs by means of sweating. Infrared saunas also help in weight loss journeys by subjecting the body to controlled sweating and calorie burning through infrared heat. The induction of an artificial fever through the infrared heat also allows the immune system to strengthen itself and help you combat sickness more easily. There are many ways in which a home infrared sauna can help you improve upon your own health through regular use.

Buy Your Home Infrared Sauna with Health Mate

If you are looking for variety and ease in your home infrared sauna purchase, Health Mate has got you covered. You can easily purchase your own infrared sauna through us and get to enjoy it as soon as possible. Just find the one that is calling your name and reach out to us! You won’t regret this investment on your own health.

Why Opt for a Personal Sauna Over a Public One?

Saunas are great for a number of reasons. They allow us to unwind after a long day, they help us relax our minds and bodies by easing unnecessary tension out of us, and they give us a space to concentrate on our own mental well-being for a few minutes. That’s not to mention the health benefits they have, such as induced sweating, improvement of the immune system, and release of toxins. However, the fact that we tend to only be able to enjoy these benefits in public saunas can be a little frustrating. But is a personal sauna really worth it? Well, here’s why you might want to consider getting a personal sauna of your own.

No Fees or Memberships

In order to access a sauna, you pretty much always have to pay. Unless your friend has their own or your living complex has one for residents, then you more likely than not have to pay for access to a sauna. The amount or form of this payment can vary, from a gym membership to an additional fee at a social club, but it’s always there. While getting a personal sauna might seem like a big investment, it actually saves you money in the long run if you tend to frequent saunas. Those fees and memberships quickly add up, and being able to not worry about that by having your own personal sauna at home really does lighten that load.

a personal sauna

Full-Time Availability

Public saunas are restricted by their operating hours. This is especially inconvenient for people who like to enjoy a quick sauna session before bed or early in the morning. While yes, there are some saunas that are 24/7… have you ever been to one? They’re not exactly the epitome of refinement. Having a personal sauna gives you full, unrestricted access to the relaxing and comforting effects of saunas without having to somehow fit it into your schedule. You don’t really realize how convenient and helpful it is to use your own personal sauna whenever you want to until you’ve had the chance to enjoy such a privilege.

Privacy and Comfort

The worst part about public saunas is easily the fact that there are other people there. Not just any people, but strangers. Semi-naked strangers lounging around a constricted space  It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and can often interfere with your enjoyment of the therapeutic effects of saunas. A personal sauna gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience without having to share the space with other people. Or at least to share it with one or two other people who you actually know and don’t mind sharing it with. This unprecedented comfort is, by far, the best perk of having your own personal sauna.

Health Mate Personal Sauna

At Health Mate, we want to make the benefits of saunas accessible to everyone via our patented infrared sauna technology and personal saunas you can comfortably accommodate and install in your own home. If the comfort of being able to enjoy the many health benefits of saunas without having to leave your house sounds appealing (and why wouldn’t it?) take a few minutes to browse through our website’s catalog. You might just find the right personal sauna for you.

A Personal Infrared Sauna is an Investment on Your Own Health

What turns a lot of people away from regular saunas is heat tolerance. Sometimes, these places are just too hot for certain people, hence gatekeeping their benefits from those who can’t put up with high temperatures. Personal infrared saunas, however, can have the same effects as regular saunas at much lower temperatures, making them much more accessible. And since saunas are often only available in already restrictive facilities, having your own personal infrared sauna makes it even more accessible. “But what’s the point?” you might ask yourself, “What can a personal infrared sauna do for me?” Well, let us give you a few reasons why you might consider taking part in this revolutionary technology.

Effects of Exercise

Exercising makes you sweat and it increases your heart rate. Do you know what else does that? A personal infrared sauna! That is what attracts so many people to saunas: they replicate the effects of moderate exercise in a way that has the same effects on the body without having to actually exercise. That’s not to say that they act as a substitute for exercising, but they do provide a supplement to an existing regimen and a means to sweat out toxins in your system on days of lesser physical activity. Personal infrared saunas are great ways to complement weight loss journeys, for they can allow you to rest and relax, relieving the stress of the regimen, while still contributing towards it.

A Personal Infrared Sauna

Resource in Treatment

There are many studies that have looked into the benefits of infrared saunas in the treatment of different chronic health issues, such as congestive heart failure, dementia, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and migraines. While, according to the Mayo Clinic, more extensive studies should be carried out in order to gain conclusive effects, there have been no adverse health effects found. Meanwhile, evidence of benefit has been found throughout the studies. The benefits of infrared sauna technology stem from the way it induces an artificial fever, helping the immune system strengthen itself to fight hazardous agents better.


Saunas are the best way to induce rest and relaxation upon the body, providing natural means of pain relief without the need for ointments or medications. Not only that, but they also give you an environment where you are allowed to leave behind the stressors of your daily life and, for once, get some rest isolated for such issues. The high temperatures induce a sense of drowsiness, helping create such a state of relaxation, particularly if you are soon heading to bed. Personal infrared saunas really are the best way to allow you to unwind at the end of a long day, helping you relieve yourself off some of the accumulated tension.

Get Your Own Personal Infrared Sauna

These are only a few of the health benefits that stem from using your very own personal infrared sauna. There aren’t really a lot of better ways to invest in your own daily well-being than getting one of these. What else will simultaneously improve upon your emotional and your physical health in such a tangible way? Wait no further and order your own personal infrared sauna through our website today.