3 Reasons To Wake Up With Infrared

woman with her back to us turning on her health mate infrared sauna

Like clockwork every morning you roll out of bed, shower, and grab coffee—not necessarily in that order. Maybe you skip the coffee and instead, grab a smoothie or lemon water. And maybe you don’t shower because you did that the night before. Whatever the case, it’s important to start the day feeling refreshed. Some people crank up their morning by taking a jog or working out at the gym. However, there’s an easier, no-impact way to start your day. It doesn’t even require that you leave your home. The solution? A personal infrared sauna! Let’s discuss 3 reasons to wake up with infrared.

Get Focused

Infrared sessions can provide a momentary digital detox and help you set your focus. When you first wake in the morning, rather than immediately scanning texts, emails, or news, spending even just 20 minutes away from any digital input helps you become more centered. Set a to-do list in your head as you lean back and relax in the sauna.

Additionally, chromotherapy, often labeled near-infrared with red light, can help improve your frame of mind. Health Mate integrates chromotherapy via a multi-colored light panel into many of its sauna models. Orange light induces cheerfulness and mental clarity. With Orange, you can gain more positive energy, happiness, and focus.

Beyond the colors, the mere time spent positively prepping yourself mentally for the day ahead will do wonders.

Rev Your Energy

Even if you’re slow to rise, adding a little cardio or aerobic activity to your morning stimulates your metabolism which can increase energy. A recent study published in Cardiovascular Research journal concluded that exercise has even more impact on metabolism than originally thought.

Many people aren’t aware of the positive effects of saunas on one’s metabolism. The effects of regular sauna use have been compared to those of running. The rise of your core body temperature allows for your lymphatic, cardiovascular, and immune systems to release fat-based sweat, leading towards a healthier metabolism. The additional oxygen delivered to your brain and other organs improves energy alongside that.

What’s unique to infrared saunas compared to other types of saunas is how effectively the heat penetrates to raise your internal body temperature. Far infrared is the most intense, and one session in a sauna can help burn calories as it activates your circulation and cardio function.

Overall, your journey to a better metabolism takes multiple lifestyle changes, including diet, but a sauna can help kickstart your energy for the day ahead.


When you think of detoxing, do you think of juice cleanses or fasting? While these are some ways to reset your system and live healthier, there’s one detox method that many people overlook: sweating.

The underlying principle is that the accumulation of toxic chemicals within the body can cause a host of negative effects, including illness. Doctors use the term ‘bio-accumulators’ to explain how our system accumulates all sorts of by-products from our air, food, and water faster than we can expel them. Sometimes we don’t properly expel them at all, including toxic chemicals, pollutants, and heavy metals.

Research suggests that many heavy metals are carcinogens, including arsenic, lead, and mercury. Exposure levels to these toxins may vary depending on where you live.

An infrared sauna can work as a complement to your liver, our built-in detox system, supporting optimal health. Health Mate full spectrum saunas use far-infrared light to penetrate the deep tissues and other areas of the body. Once again, intense heat is key as it induces a healthy sweat from inside out.

Then you’re ready for your shower!

So, we covered the 3 key reasons to wake up with infrared. Seems simple, right? Getting ready for each day as it comes can be as easy as a brief sauna session at home. Take our sauna quiz to learn which model complements your lifestyle. Or learn more about sauna benefits and how infrared works to support your other healthy choices.