What Are The Benefits of Infrared Saunas?

A young woman wearing a robe and relaxing in an infrared sauna while holding up a body brush to her face.

Infrared saunas have been around for nearly 60 years, first introduced in Japan in 1965. Not long after, Health Mate began selling them in the U.S. Since then, saunas have been part of well-being practices for decades. Some benefits we only recently uncovered. Yet still more have yet to be discovered! One of the first things most people want to know before putting one in their home is, what are the health benefits of infrared saunas? Customers and doctors alike report many health advantages that also align with the studies that have been conducted.

Read on.

Infrared Benefits Galore

Having a personal infrared sauna at home is convenient for establishing a consistent routine of sauna therapy. After regular visits to your sauna, you’ll start to notice improvements in multiple areas of your health, especially if you have any chronic issues.

Here are some of the most popular reasons people use infrared:

How We Know Saunas Work

Infrared sauna owners share many positive outcomes about their health and well-being after use. We’ve heard back from people who experience results after just a couple of weeks. These genuine customer testimonials are helpful as you research saunas.

In addition, below is a sample of some of the most impactful scientific findings to date:

We hope this is useful information in helping you make an informed decision as you invest in an infrared sauna. More studies are developing all the time to reinforce what many of us already know—a personal infrared sauna offers many health benefits!

Although infrared sauna use is deemed safe, it’s important to have a good understanding of your body, be aware of any medications that may cause adverse reactions while you’re in the sauna, and use the treatment in moderation. As always, consult a medical professional before use if you have any preexisting health conditions.

Get The Most From Your Sauna

Now that you’ve learned the key health benefits, it’s important that you experience maximum enjoyment from your sauna session. We’ve included a great set of prep steps here.

Take our Sauna Quiz to find a good sauna model match for your budget or lifestyle. Or, we encourage you to contact our sauna specialists who can get you answers on price, warranty, and more. Finally, don’t forget to check out Health Mate’s many sauna-enhancing accessories, like the aromatherapy cup, backrest, and more.