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How do I maintain my sauna while I’m away for extended periods?

Going on vacation or simply taking a break from using your sauna? We recommend that you unplug it whenever you’ll be storing or not using your sauna for an extended period.

Additionally, you’ll want to protect your sauna from outdoor elements. Whether you’re storing it indoors or out, it’s a good idea to use a cover to reduce dust and dirt. This will also help prevent critters and insects from finding their way inside.

Health Mate prides itself in making quality saunas that last for decades, so make sure you have also registered your sauna for its warranty. Should you need replacement parts or repairs after returning to use the sauna, this will ensure you’ll have coverage on panels, heaters, and the controllers.

When you’re ready to resume enjoying your infrared sauna and all the benefits it offers, simply plug it back in. Once you do, set the time and temperature to their max settings to burn off any dust that has collected on the heaters, and run the sauna for an hour before use. 

For any issues or if you have questions, feel free to contact our customer support team.