Find All the Best and Affordable Good Health Saunas

There are different kinds of infrared saunas out there, and here at Health Mate, we like to provide our clients with different options for them to consider. Our forty years of experience working in saunas have made us the premier sauna manufacturer in the country. This is why we feel confident, not just in the sauna technology we offer, but also in the benefits they provide. Having three different options in front of you might be a little confusing if you don’t know a lot about saunas. Well, if you are looking for good health saunas, here we have a breakdown of the different ways in which each one of ours can help you.

Enrich Full Spectrum Saunas

The installments in the Enrich series of infrared saunas are designed to make you sweat. Its revolutionary UL Listed heaters ensure that Health Mate’s Enrich saunas cover the full spectrum of therapeutic effects, providing a restful experience to the user while also helping them gain a healthier metabolism and hence boost their immune systems. For many years, saunas have been used in therapeutic practices as a way to help the subject’s body free itself of harmful substances as well as allowing the muscles and joints to let go of unnecessary tension. This unique sauna sporting patented Tecoloy heating technology is the only UL listed infrared heater in the market, delivering over 40% deeper heater penetration than most carbon heaters.

Good Health Saunas

Restore Full Spectrum Elevated Saunas

This bi-level infrared marvel allows for more than one person to enjoy the benefits of the sauna in a comfortable way. Two rows of bench seating allow a whole family to be able to enjoy the revolutionary sauna technology at the same time. This personal paradise made out of top-quality natural wood and keeps surprising its users with its ergonomic design and patented dual heating technology. Its full spectrum of LED light therapy helps you relax and improve upon your own health in more than one way at the same time. Further cementing its status as a top good health sauna, is its aromatherapy cup that allows you to enhance your sauna experience.

Renew Far Infrared Saunas

Renew Far Infrared Saunas are the best option out there if what you are looking for is the best possible balance between cost and quality. An affordable way to obtain the benefits of good health saunas, acquiring a Renew Full Spectrum Sauna will provide you with the perfect venue for your own personal chromotherapy. The low EMF TruInfra heating technology is a particularly great way to achieve the health benefits of saunas through lower, more bearable temperatures, and in the comfort of your own home. This sanctuary of carbon infrared seaters with built-in Bluetooth speakers is the ultimate way towards effective relaxation.

Find Good Health Saunas with Health Mate

Our main focus here at Health Mate is to provide you with a good, affordable venue for good health saunas that provide you with a reliable and relaxing experience. If you are going through particularly stressful times or are looking to help your weight loss journey, one of these revolutionary Health Mate saunas could be the one for you.