Infrared Sauna Side Effects: Improvement Inside and Out

When people think of infrared sauna side effects, it’s only natural that our mind immediately goes to the possibility of negative ones. This is why you might be surprised that there are no negative side effects to our infrared saunas. They were specifically designed to be as safe and dependable as possible. In fact, these saunas bolster your health, improving upon your quality of life along the way. We’ve collected some sauna benefits that our customers have told us about. Many of them told us that they were expecting certain benefits, only to be pleasantly surprised when they received others as well.

infrared sauna side effects

Infrared Sauna Side Effects: Improved Personal Appearance

When you go for a run or do some other kind of cardio, you sweat and you burn calories. Using our sauna amazingly compares favorably to running in terms of positive cardiovascular effect. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. The American Medical Association published such results in its journal. See, in our sauna your body absorbs the infrared heat safely. As that’s happening, your core body temperature rises. Thus, you start sweating – but, importantly, you’re sweating away fat, not muscle. On top of that, our saunas have also helped many to reduce their cellulite, too. Beauty specialists across the world have found that a sauna can assist in fighting cellulite.  By providing more heat to the affected tissue, the heat in our saunas can clear it up in a faster manner.

Multiple Kinds of Pain Relief

Just because our sauna can be a substitute for running, that doesn’t mean you should stop working out. In fact, so many of our customers incorporate their sauna into their workout: either by stepping into it afterward or sometimes even working out with the sauna open. However, as you exercise or even just age, you may find that you develop more aches and pains, specifically in your muscles and joints. Saunas have been used essentially since their invention for pain relief. Our saunas take the next step forward, by using patented Tecoloy heating tech. This tech has been proven to relieve the pain associated with everything from sports injuries to fibromyalgia. Additionally, while chronic pain may never go away entirely, studies have shown that some patients have felt their pain levels drop precipitously through using our saunas.

Heat and Health

Instead of allowing for something like chronic pain to rule your life, our saunas give you the chance to take control. You can feel better when you want to, and the same goes for your immune system. Our saunas can help to make your immune system a bit stronger and more durable. Just as our saunas raise your core temperature like when you’re running, they can also raise your core temperature as when your body is fighting infections, microbes, bacteria, and other health threats. As everyone is so busy these days, we all need as much help as we can get warding off colds. The above are just a few of the benefits (or side effects) that an infrared sauna can provide. To learn more, head over to our site or call us at (800) 946-6001.