Which One Is The Best Home Sauna Available Today?

With all the benefits that come with a sauna, it is no surprise that a lot of people are seeking to get one for their own home. While this might seem like too much at first, it is actually perfectly feasible should you choose the right kind for your own home and take different options into account. So, in case you are considering getting your own sauna, here are a few of the different options available in the market today. Hopefully, this can help you determine which one is the best home sauna for you.

Traditional Wood Burning Saunas

As their name implies, traditional wood-burning saunas are the original form of the concept of saunas. These originated in Finland hundreds of years ago as a means to survive harsh winters and heat living areas. In these settings, wood is burned in a stove, on which several rocks are placed. In order to heat the room, water is poured over the hot stones. This releases large amounts of steaming water, which warms up the room and induces sweating on part of the user. While these traditional saunas do have their charm, they are often impractical to own and to operate. They are still common in some hotels, gyms, and Finnish homes. They’re not exactly the best home sauna option.

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Steam Saunas

Steam saunas, which are closer to Turkish baths than traditional saunas, have much higher humidity rates and lower temperatures than traditional wood-burning instances. These are very common in gyms across the United States, for they are very easy to operate. While the temperature in wood-burning saunas is controlled by way of how much water is poured on the hot stones, steam saunas are regulated through a thermostat. These are great for communal settings given their size but rather expensive and impractical to have in a home. Not only are they expensive to purchase and install, but they also consume large amounts of energy that make them environmentally irresponsible when placed in private households.

Infrared Saunas

A recent advancement in technology that has taken the sauna industry by storm, infrared saunas use infrared heating systems to heat up the user rather than the air around them. A lot of people consider this the best home sauna option, mainly because of their easy upkeep, convenient installation, and tangible health benefits. These don’t require an entire room to be adapted into the sauna, nor are they too large for smaller homes to install. Not only that, but they are comparably less expensive than other home sauna options. Infrared saunas have become increasingly popular in recent years for a reason: they are convenient and reasonably priced.

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