Alone Time in a Personal Sauna

We often lead hectic lives. Between the long hours at work, spent with family, and other commitments, time to yourself can be rare. Then when you do have downtime, you may not know exactly how to unwind and recharge your batteries. Maybe now is the time to be a bit selfish and think about splurging on something for yourself, something to enhance both your mental and physical health. Getting alone time in a personal sauna could be the answer you are seeking. We have some options sure to work for you.

The Right Space for a Personal Sauna

Your first thought may be that you have no space for a sauna. You may have visions of what you have seen at your local spa or gym, or think about large steam rooms that take up lots of floor space. While very large saunas exist, you can find an infrared sauna to suit smaller spaces. Health Mate offers just such a product with our Renew series. It’s designed to fit easily into your small home, condo, or apartment but still offers all the functionality and comfort you expect from a larger sauna.


Renew 2 sauna Interior Bench ViewEase and Affordability in a Sauna

The great thing about the personal sauna is that it assembles quickly and easily. Our Renew sauna requires no tools to put together, so assembly is a snap for you. You can have it all put together and begin your sauna session all on the same day. While larger saunas may be priced far beyond what you could afford, getting a great sauna designed for one or two is more affordable than you think. We offer quality pricing and financing where you can get zero percent interest on your purchase if you qualify.

Let Your Sauna Life Begin

If you love the idea of having alone time in a personal sauna so you can have time to relax away from everyone while at home, see Health Mate Sauna. Check out our Renew Series saunas and the wonderful accessories available. You can also get details from our sauna specialists, answers regarding financing, and more. Simply call toll-free at (877) 595-3221. We look forward to delivering a Health Mate infrared sauna to you!