The Best Solo Infrared Sauna: Health Mate Essential Comfort

For over 40 years, Health Mate has distinguished itself by prioritizing quality and excellence in the production of infrared saunas. We were the first to embrace infrared technology in the industry and we have remained dedicated to excellence. After years of development, we’re proud to introduce a one person dome sauna that meets the high Health Mate Standard of all our saunas: The Health Mate Essential Comfort.  

The Essential Comfort is Health Mate’s debut solo sauna. It uses the same Low EMF carbon heaters from our best-selling Renew series—7 total heaters in two separately controlled arrays for 360 degrees of soothing infrared heat. The model is completely collapsible, allowing for easy out-of-the-way storage, making it suitable for small spaces. 

The Essential Comfort is an ideal sauna perfect for at home gyms or where there's limited space

Why We Created the Essential Comfort 

As more people discover the amazing benefits of sauna, the demand has grown for new ways of providing infrared sauna benefits at home. The truth is not everyone has the space in their home for a large wooden box. And for massage therapists or physical therapists who must bring their equipment with them, a sauna has to be mobile and have an easy set-up to be a practical therapy.  

The Essential Comfort answers those needs while still being a durable, high-quality product. Unlike sauna bags or tents, our solo sauna is roomy and prioritizes comfort and durability. We know it will last you years to come, which is why we provide a 2-year warranty.   

Key Features of the Essential Comfort Personal Sauna  

  • Ultra-Low EMF Heaters  
  • Anti-microbial bamboo pad and headrest  
  • Ergonomic memory foam mat for gentle support  
  • Collapsible mat and dome for easy storage  
  • 80% more efficient than other infrared saunas  

If you are interested in getting more information about the Essential Comfort or purchasing a model, call or check out the product page. 

What makes the Essential Comfort a different infrared sauna 

Compact and Convenient 

The Essential Comfort is designed to be easy to move, store, and set up for use. It can be laid out on the floor, on a massage table, or even outside on a deck or patio. Because the pad and headrest anti-microbial, it’s easy to keep clean and sanitary. 

The Essential Comfort folds to easily store out of the way

Superior Design and Materials 

Health Mate was the first to produce infrared saunas in the US and we take pride in the superior production of our saunas. The Essential Comfort is no exception.   

The mat and headrest are made of supportive memory foam and covered in natural bamboo fabric. The dome itself is water-resistant and breathable, making it comfortable for the user and easy to keep clean. The frame’s sturdy construction makes it more durable than your standard solo sauna, which we back up with a two-year warranty. 

Low EMF 

In response to consumer concerns, Health Mate has taken the extra steps to ensure that our heaters and saunas are Low EMF. Our heaters are certified low EMF by a third-party company and our 5 levels of quality assurance guarantee excellence.   


The Essential Comfort uses carbon heaters that produce far-infrared radiation. This is 80% more efficient than other forms of radiant heat. FIR from the Essential Comfort can penetrate an inch deep into the body, meaning you are warmed from within and not just at the skin’s surface. 

What are the health benefits of the Essential Comfort sauna? 

The benefits of the Essential Comfort are the same as that of any Health Mate sauna: 

  • Pain Relief: Infrared saunas promote circulation, which helps reduce inflammation around injuries.  
  • Skin Health: saunas encourage sweating, which helps clear pores of toxins and dead skin cells. In addition, increased circulation in the skin helps to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.  
  • Cardiovascular Health: saunas can make blood vessels dilate, making blood flow more easily. Multiple studies have suggested that regular sauna use can have benefits for cardiovascular health (always speak a doctor before using a sauna if you have any ongoing health issues).
  • Weight Loss: saunas raise your heart rate and promote sweating, which helps burn calories and lose weight.
    The dome sauna comfortably fits one person while laying on a flat surface, like the floor.

How To Use The Essential Comfort Sauna 

Set up is simple for this solo sauna system: 

  1. Layout the pad and headrest on the ground.   
  2. Place the smaller half of the dome over the foot of the pad and the larger half over the upper half, just below the headrest.  
  3. Attach the fabric curtain to the inside of the upper dome.   
  4. Attach the power source to the dome and plug it into the wall.  
  5. Set the sauna to your desired heat setting, get in, and start soaking in the heat.

To get your own Essential Comfort solo sauna, call or checkout the product page.