Emissivity and Sauna Performance

Two women laughing and relaxing in a health mate infrared sauna

If you’ve been researching leading infrared sauna manufacturers, you’ve probably come across the term “Emissivity” and how it relates to carbon infrared heaters. In addition, you may be concerned about the actual quality of the heaters and could be seeing conflicting evidence or details. To clear up any confusion, let’s dive into what is emissivity and sauna performance and whether you should be concerned.

What is Emissivity?

Simply put, emissivity refers to the efficiency by which an object absorbs and releases energy, particularly heat. Black is considered to be the most emissive color (think of cooking an egg on the asphalt in the middle of summer). Infrared heaters on their own have varied levels of emissivity based on size and design.

For carbon-based emitters/heaters used in saunas, often a cloth is used as a protective cover in front of the infrared heat source. No matter the color of this cover, even if it’s black, this barrier reduces the efficacy of the infrared heat. Ultimately the cover reduces the desired outcome–a high-temperature heat leading to a great sweat. You’ll still feel the heat, but it won’t be delivered as efficiently.

How is Emissivity different from EMF?

Your sauna heaters give out or emit differing levels of heat via one type of energy. But infrared also contains electromagnetic frequencies. This is a different type of “energy” that is measured via radiation waves, often using thermal cameras. The EMF level produced by infrared heaters is along the same spectrum as your microwave oven or Wifi.

Infrared saunas emit a low EMF level. Health Mate specifically had a 3rd party test conducted in keeping with standards for customer safety. According to the World Health Organization, major studies have found there’s no link between low-frequency EMFs and adverse health effects.

The Health Mate Difference

Health Mate uses a patented infrared heater, our efficient and powerful Tecoloy model. This non-carbon, non-toxic heater provides Dual-Wave technology via a reflective case that directs the infrared energy throughout the sauna. Tecoloy heaters emit both mid and far-infrared heat. These heaters are strong and durable with nothing to hide, so there is no need for a piece of fabric like so many carbon versions feature. There is no barrier between the IR source and the body, so emissivity is not affected.

Tecoloy can emmit both mid and far infrared

In our 44 years of producing infrared saunas, one thing has set us apart–our heaters. Because of their proprietary design and construction, Tecoloy heaters last 15 years or more, so you can enjoy thousands of sauna sessions.

Ready for a truly luxurious infrared experience? Give us a call to let us help you select the model that is right for your health and wellness goals. 877-595-3221.