I Get My Best Ideas In The Sauna

Man meditating while in infrared sauna

How many times have you heard, “I get my best ideas in the shower?” Perhaps you’ve even personally experienced this phenomenon. As soon as you’re away from regular daily activity or your desk, the mundane task of lather/rinse/repeat leaves the right, or creative, side of your brain free to wander. There’s even a name for it. The “shower effect” has been scientifically proven. It may be you get inspiration while doing any number of mindless or repetitive tasks, but no matter the task, it’s something that doesn’t require a ton of concentration. With that in mind, we’re not surprised when we hear, “I get my best ideas in the sauna.”

Let’s learn more about why an infrared session can bring unexpected benefits.

Time Away Let’s The Brain Play

Everyone at one point or another has hit the wall trying to solve a problem or come up with an idea. If you’re a writer, it’s called writer’s block, or if you’re a scientist it could be an academic impasse. These are usually short-lived moments. In those cases, your mind needs to focus on something else while your brain is still actively trying to solve or create a solution.

This time away is called the ‘incubation effect’ where you’re driving or gardening or about to fall asleep and suddenly—light bulb! You get a mental breakthrough.

A 2019 study in Psychological Science reported, “Approximately 20 percent of significant ideas occurred while participants were engaging in an activity other than working or while they were thinking about something unrelated to the creative idea.”

Scientists invented an unofficial name for the brain’s area that functions while you’re not focusing on your issue. It’s called the Default Mode Network (DMN). Based on the neurologist’s findings, the DMN “helps you combine information in different ways and simulate possibilities.” So, even while we don’t think we’re thinking of the issue, your creative brain is still firing away in the background.

You’ll recognize many accomplished people who have their own method of slipping into DMN mode. Steve Jobs shared that he did his best thinking while walking, and would even have meetings on his walks. Einstein was a fan of sailing the seas for inspiration. Even media mogul Arianna Huffington is a proponent of ‘shower’ aha moments. All of these activities provide the creative center of the brain with some needed downtime while the DMN takes over.

It’s also true that information sinks in better while you’re doing an active yet nonintensive task like walking a dog or folding laundry. Leah absorbed her college courses easily by using audible versions of lectures to listen to while commuting.

Infrared Sauna For Inspiration

An adult timeout might be the ticket to your next bright idea, and a sauna is a perfect escape. The time or frequency you choose to use an infrared sauna varies from person to person. It could be first thing in the morning practice to set your focus. Others prefer end-of-day sauna sessions to help them wind down and sleep sounder. More commonly, sauna breaks help relieve ongoing pain or discomfort. Ultimately, whatever you choose is appropriate, since infrared saunas provide benefits for a myriad of physical and mental needs.

What Don found was especially interesting. “Over the past year that I’ve had my Health Mate, I use the sauna 4-5 times a week. During that time, I’ve found whenever I’m having a stressful day at work, it’s like magic. When I take a sauna break at lunch, I find I power out the day better.” He went on to share how he overcame a business roadblock. “It felt like I was spinning my wheels finishing a presentation, at a loss for how to wrap it up. I went into the sauna for a half hour, then it came to me! I ended up winning the client over.”

As it turns out, a sauna is like your own personal problem-solving booth. But how else can infrared help?

What Else About Infrared?

Mental clarity is certainly essential to a productive lifestyle. Sleep also plays a key role, and with infrared saunas, you can see a marked improvement in your sleep quality.

Try using Chromotherapy for added relaxation using specific lighting. This enhancement feature is available in most of our Health Mate saunas and is proven to be effective for a multitude of maladies, from headaches to mild depression.

We love when we hear, “I get my best ideas in the sauna,” because it’s an overlooked bonus to all the typical health benefits. And downtime, whether you’re brainstorming or not, is always good.

Learn more about how infrared saunas work or if you have specific questions, check here. Or, talk to a sauna specialist for details and learn why Health Mate is a pioneer in infrared saunas.