7 Amazing Benefits Of Infrared

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Before the New Year even arrives, there are thousands of people setting new health goals for themselves every day. It could be to get fitter, to feel more relaxed, or to move beyond chronic pain. Which specific health benefits you seek to achieve can vary as much as the choice of sauna models on the market. But, thousands of customers all across the world will admit at least one of the following 7 amazing benefits of infrared makes owning a home sauna worthwhile.

Remarkably, relaxation and stress relief are not always at the top of the list. Additionally, some sauna health benefits may surprise you! Let’s dive in and learn more.

Healing Faster

As a child, days after you placed a Band-aid on a cut or knee scrape, you would peel it away to witness the “boo-boo” was nearly gone! The body innately heals itself. Back on the monkey bars or bicycle, you went. However, as we age healing can take a little longer than the playground days of our youth.


Infrared heat works with our body to expedite our healing process. The surface of our skin benefits particularly from near-infrared rays. The wavelengths that reach and penetrate our skin can help reduce inflammation, and red light from near infrared has been shown to activate fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells that help maintain and improve our tissue structure and help us heal. This is why our full-spectrum saunas, with near-infrared panels built right in, will provide benefits you may not have been expecting.

But that’s just near infrared. The mid and far rays are imparting even more health improvements deep below your epidermis.

Improving Circulation

One of our longtime customers recently shared that she was having trouble conceiving, after months of undergoing IVF treatments. “I subsequently went off treatments, and at the same time was using my infrared sauna. Not long after, I was able to get pregnant,” she said. Her doctor upon discovering this attributed it to better circulation resulting from the infrared sessions. That’s a great testimonial to the power of infrared! Indeed, increased circulation can have many health benefits.

We rely on good blood circulation not only to deliver oxygen to our lungs but also to distribute essential nutrients throughout our system. Lethargy and sedentary lifestyles can directly affect our bodily functions. Infrared saunas help improve circulation by increasing the temperature in our core which then helps expand blood vessels. This leads to better delivery of those nutrients, and simultaneously promotes a boost in cardio activity.
Meanwhile, you’ll also be sweating up a storm, which provides its own benefits, like detoxification.

Detoxing Your System

The stress of the day isn’t the only thing you can say goodbye to after a sauna session. Our patented Tecoloy Max heaters are uniquely engineered to allow you to sweat more quickly at high temperatures. As a result, your body will be releasing toxins that have been stored in your system. Even the most health-conscious person might not be aware of the sheer number of metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals impacting their health day to day. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do to avoid certain pollutants.

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By sweating during a 20- or 30-minute sauna session, you can safely bid toxins ‘bon voyage’. Our infrared saunas are a powerful detox resource. As long as you are staying hydrated, the entire experience will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day or relax at the end of your evening. And you may even sleep more soundly.
Curious about what else saunas have to offer? It gets better.

Kickstarting Weight Loss

We’re all busy. Everyone would like to have enough time for fitness or enough money to hire a personal chef, but that isn’t always feasible. A personal home sauna can be a viable tool for meeting fitness goals. Amazingly, the intense heat generated by the powerful mid- and far-infrared rays helps increase our heart rate, resulting in a cardiovascular effect similar to jogging or running. The result? You can burn up to 300 calories and promote weight loss in a single visit inside your sauna.

Some of us live in a seasonal climate, where it might not be so enticing to brave the outdoors for a jog during fall or winter. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Rather, you can reap similar benefits all while relaxing in your sauna. Once the weather heats up again, your sauna is still a great wellness retreat for other reasons.
Read on…

Building Your Immunity

Your body is a germ-fighting machine, but it’s only as good as its healthy cells. While winter months can make us more prone to infection for various reasons, your sauna can be your best defense.Man feeling good and enjoying the outdoors on a sunny day

Our infrared heaters don’t just make you sweat, they actually make your body mimic an internal fever. Your blood cells are kicked into high gear, fending off potential infection. Internally, your mitochondria are working to prevent inflammation and essentially heal your body. Far-infrared rays penetrate deep beneath the skin, so while you relax, a series of restorative actions are helping build your immune response. Studies have actually shown that infrared sessions when taken regularly can reduce the frequency of colds.
And what about aches and pain? We’re glad you asked.

Reducing Chronic Pain

Whether you’re recovering from a workout or more seriously, battling ongoing aching from issues like arthritis, migraines, or fibromyalgia, consider infrared treatment. It’s not just that we’re partial to our saunas, but actual medical evidence points to the benefits of infrared saunas for their positive results in relieving pain.

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Far-infrared rays can work to flush out fluid that causes inflammation and swelling. While sweating and releasing these fluids, you’ll not only feel more relaxed but you’ll also free the body of toxins that might lead to autoimmune disorders. Your muscles receive an influx of oxygen from better circulation as well. This expedites the healing process.
The long-term benefits are worth the investment. But if you’re not already convinced, check out one more added sauna advantage.

Brightening Your Complexion

She’s glowing! You’ve heard this positive expression before and not just applied to a passing moment. Rosy, clear complexions are a sign of good health, which is why so many people shell out hundreds of dollars for skin care treatments that promise the same. But what if you could sit in your sauna for minutes a day and get some of the same results, and more?

Infrared saunas are a source of all the benefits you’ve read about so far. They could also be the answer to your acne or wrinkle issues, and figuratively, a way to time-travel back to a young-looking you.

We know that the stimulation of our cells and increased circulation offer better organ function, but our skin is the largest organ in our body! So it makes sense that our pores releasing toxins and our circulation distributing nutrients would also lead to improved appearance and increased collagen production. What? Yes, a study showed that after regular sauna sessions, our elastin and collagen production increases.

young woman with clear skin splashing water on face

So, you won’t just feel better after a healthy dose of infrared, you’ll actually look better, too.
These are just 7 of the amazing benefits of infrared that have been popular.

We hope you’ll continue to learn more about Health Mate saunas, get pricing information, and consider our financing options. Contact our sauna specialists for details today.