What an Infrared Sauna Really Provides

The term infrared sauna can be a bit confusing at first. Simply put, the sauna uses infrared technology for heat. This heat technology offers quite a few health benefits that other heating options don’t. However, before we dive into what an infrared sauna really provides, let’s differentiate between steam and infrared sauna.


infrared sauna

Traditional Steam Saunas

A steam sauna is what is commonly referred to as a ‘traditional’ sauna. Steam saunas use a heating element and water to heat the body from the outside. Similar to an infrared sauna, the hot air makes you sweat but it does so using humidity from water. Traditional saunas can include rock saunas, which use water poured on high-temperature coals or rocks that then produce steam. Both are designed as enclosed seating areas, and some are built to accommodate many more than a few people.

Traditional saunas tend to reach temperatures in a higher range than infrared since they heat the surrounding air, not your body directly. They normally feature a tile or nonporous interior or can be made of durable wood, depending on the type of sauna and amount of steam produced.

How an Infrared Sauna Works

When you get into a sauna, you want to sweat. This provides a wealth of health benefits. You want to sweat, but you want to sweat the right way. We built our saunas to make you sweat as much as possible with as few negative side effects as possible. That’s why our saunas have such an extremely low amount of potentially harmful EMFs. On top of that, the Tecoloy tech in our saunas provides high-density heat that gets you sweating quickly. It does that not by producing the most heat, but by generating the right amount of microns.

Tecoloy Technology

At Health Mate Sauna, we have our own patented infrared technology, called “Tecoloy.” We created it in order to provide the highest quality possible. Instead of mirroring someone else’s technology, we designed and patented our own to match our high standards. As a result, Tecoloy is considered the best on the market.

Microns and the Body

Your body generates a range of waves anywhere between six to twenty microns. Our Tecoloy M series, by comparison, accomplishes 9.4 microns at both the mid and far-infrared regions. Without delving too deeply into the science of it, that means that your body will be able to sweat that much faster. You won’t have to sit in the sauna forever and ever, just to get a sweat going. From the moment you step into our sauna, you’ll feel that sweat start to build.

The Right Sauna the Right Way

So many of our customers tell us: “I want a sauna, but I’m not sure what sauna is right for me.” That’s perfectly understandable. You can view our full line of saunas on this website. Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call at (877) 595-3221. We’ll be happy to help.