1 Person Sauna: Round Trip Ticket to Paradise

If you’re like so many of us, you go to the gym specifically for the sauna. Sure, maybe you get a swim or a workout in, but you go for the most part just to use the sauna. There’s an incredible feeling that comes from going into the sauna, getting that seat you want, and shutting the door. Of course, for many of us, that’s when the problems occur: someone else opens the door and comes in. Then someone else does, followed by even more people. Suddenly, your private sauna experience, the one that you’ve been dreaming about all day more or less, is now anything but. A 1 person sauna from Health Mate can fix that. With our one person products, you can have a tremendous private sauna right in your home. 

1 Person Sauna: Plenty of Room 

When we say that we have a sauna that seats one, even people who might be into such a thing become initially reticent. That’s understandable. In many industries, when something is said to be “for one,” it actually ends up being too small. Most things that say they seat “one person” actually really don’t have enough room to seat any people. That’s not at all true of our sauna for one. The “Renew 1” sauna has plenty of room for one person to stretch out. For example, the interior dimensions of this sauna are 37 ¼’’ by 35 ¾’’ by 69 ⅞’’. As you can see, that’s plenty of room for one person to be incredibly comfortable in their own sauna. You can enjoy yourself and have the kind of sauna experience that you want. 

1 Person Sauna

Small Enough for Your Home Too 

That being said, it’s still a sauna for one person. This sauna can fit quite well in practically any home or apartment. The exterior dimensions of this sauna are 40’’ by 40 ½’’ by 75 ¼’’. As you can see, that’s plenty of room for you to stretch out in there. By that same token, however, that’s not too big for your home. Many of our customers have them in their basements or in their bedrooms, somewhere where it’s readily accessible to them. 

Your Sauna, Your Rules 

If you look at our Renew 1 on our site, you’ll find that you have the Bluetooth jack and plenty of other accouterments to make this sauna truly your own. That means that you don’t have to worry about someone objecting to your music, the podcast you’re listening to, or anything like this. As this is your sauna for one, you can use this sauna however you see fit. This is the perfect way to end a day, while also being the perfect way to start one-off, too. Of all of our products, the “Renew 1” might be the most aptly named. It renews one person, no matter when they use it. To find out how this sauna can complement your life or to purchase one, give us a call at (714) 942-4884.