Making the Case for a Personal Infrared Sauna

You might have heard of an infrared sauna before, but odds are you probably haven’t. We are so used to the idea of steam saunas that we are not really aware of the recent advances in technology that have given way to new and convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of saunas. At Health Mate, we have developed our very own personal infrared sauna, which comes in different lines and presentations in order to satisfy a wide array of needs.

Ultimate Technology

What makes our personal infrared sauna stand out among others is our patented Tecoloy™ heating technology, which manages to deliver 360 degrees of dual wave heat with up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater in the market. It also has the fastest heating time, which helps you reduce your energy consumption while using the personal infrared sauna. It is a certified non-toxic heater that provides the most complete infrared sauna experience without compromising quality or well-being at any point in the process. They also allow you the possibility of setting the temperature to your liking and giving you the comfort you deserve out of the experience.

a personal infrared sauna

Easy Assembly

Health Mate infrared saunas are made with an easy assembly process in mind. We ourselves design and build the saunas, which allows us to ensure that they always take into account the convenience and ease of use of those who purchase them. They can easily be built between two people in just about an hour. They are all pre-wired, which means that the only tool that you will need in order to assemble one of the saunas is a screwdriver. Even if you are having trouble assembling the sauna, you can easily call our customer service line at (877) 595-3221 for assistance or download one of the assembly guides posted on our website.

Financing Options

We understand that a personal infrared sauna can be quite an expense for some people, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to indulge in one if you want to seek out its health benefits. That is why we at Health Mate offer quick approval financing options for you. These plans at 0% interest will allow you to splurge a little on your own personal sauna without having to be financially irresponsible. You can speak to any of our advisors by calling us at (877) 595-3221 in order to ask about our helpful financing options available. They are there for your own convenience.

Get Your Own Personal Infrared Sauna

After hearing about the many benefits of infrared sauna technology, you might be itching to get your hands on one of these revolutionary inventions. At Health Mate, we want to make that as easy and convenient for you as possible. That is why we have a comprehensive guide on our website that will tell you everything, from the benefits of a personal infrared sauna to the science behind them. All that information and more is readily available for you on our website or by calling us at (877) 595-3221 to talk to one of our representatives.