One Person Sauna: One Way Ticket to Health

For many of us, the problem with a public sauna is that it’s, well, public. So many people come and go, you might have to shift or move whenever they come in, and so forth. Perhaps the only seat is the one closest to the door, which can make it impossible to get warm and stay that way. Sometimes, other people bring in their own music, play it too loudly, or have a seemingly endless conversation that reverberates throughout the sauna, when really all you were looking for was some peace and quiet. There is a solution to this, a great one that doesn’t break the bank: our one person sauna.

One Person Sauna: Endless Possibilities

We have plenty of two-person (or more) saunas available at our site. However, we quickly realized that someone shouldn’t be expected to share their sauna with someone else just to get a sauna. Many apartments or homes don’t have room for a two-person sauna, but they are filled with people who want all of their healing and restorative powers of a sauna. That’s where our sauna for one comes in. It gives you all of the benefits of our larger saunas, all in a smaller, more manageable package.

One Person Sauna

Sauna to Go Anywhere

The main selling point of this sauna is its size. You don’t have to worry about fitting it into where you live since it can fit practically anywhere. With exterior dimensions measuring 75 ¼’’ in height, 40 ½’’ in-depth, and a width of 40’’, you can put it basically anywhere that you would like. This is the sauna option for those that want to be able to step into their sauna by themselves and step out restored, refreshed, and ready to go wherever the day may take them.

High Quality and Affordability

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a sauna that’s affordable and one that’s made of the highest quality. After all, the best sauna in the world isn’t worth it if you have to go into hock to afford it, and just because a sauna is affordable doesn’t mean that it gives you health benefits and more. That’s why we built one sauna for one, the “Renew 1,” to be the best of both worlds it’s made of the same high-quality materials as our other saunas. By that same token, we also offer it as a very affordable price. For many, this is a “starter sauna” – the first sauna they buy from us. Then, as life circumstances change, they tend to move on to one of our other saunas. That being said, we have so many customers who bought the Renew 1 long ago and still use it every day.

Saunas for All

Our sauna for one has the very look of luxury. With an outdoor cover available, you can place it outside as well. For saunas for any number of people, head to our site or call us at (877) 595-3221.