Why Opt for a Personal Sauna Over a Public One?

Saunas are great for a number of reasons. They allow us to unwind after a long day, they help us relax our minds and bodies by easing unnecessary tension out of us, and they give us a space to concentrate on our own mental well-being for a few minutes. That’s not to mention the health benefits they have, such as induced sweating, improvement of the immune system, and release of toxins. However, the fact that we tend to only be able to enjoy these benefits in public saunas can be a little frustrating. But is a personal sauna really worth it? Well, here’s why you might want to consider getting a personal sauna of your own.

No Fees or Memberships

In order to access a sauna, you pretty much always have to pay. Unless your friend has their own or your living complex has one for residents, then you more likely than not have to pay for access to a sauna. The amount or form of this payment can vary, from a gym membership to an additional fee at a social club, but it’s always there. While getting a personal sauna might seem like a big investment, it actually saves you money in the long run if you tend to frequent saunas. Those fees and memberships quickly add up, and being able to not worry about that by having your own personal sauna at home really does lighten that load.

a personal sauna

Full-Time Availability

Public saunas are restricted by their operating hours. This is especially inconvenient for people who like to enjoy a quick sauna session before bed or early in the morning. While yes, there are some saunas that are 24/7… have you ever been to one? They’re not exactly the epitome of refinement. Having a personal sauna gives you full, unrestricted access to the relaxing and comforting effects of saunas without having to somehow fit it into your schedule. You don’t really realize how convenient and helpful it is to use your own personal sauna whenever you want to until you’ve had the chance to enjoy such a privilege.

Privacy and Comfort

The worst part about public saunas is easily the fact that there are other people there. Not just any people, but strangers. Semi-naked strangers lounging around a constricted space  It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and can often interfere with your enjoyment of the therapeutic effects of saunas. A personal sauna gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience without having to share the space with other people. Or at least to share it with one or two other people who you actually know and don’t mind sharing it with. This unprecedented comfort is, by far, the best perk of having your own personal sauna.

Health Mate Personal Sauna

At Health Mate, we want to make the benefits of saunas accessible to everyone via our patented infrared sauna technology and personal saunas you can comfortably accommodate and install in your own home. If the comfort of being able to enjoy the many health benefits of saunas without having to leave your house sounds appealing (and why wouldn’t it?) take a few minutes to browse through our website’s catalog. You might just find the right personal sauna for you.