A Full Spectrum Sauna: New Year, New Start

As of this writing, the New Year is just about here. This is the time of the year when many of us make resolutions on how we can improve our health. For many, that means going to the gym, or changing their diet. One great way to feel better and live healthier in the New Year is to get a full spectrum infrared sauna. These saunas boost your health all year long. So is it time for a full spectrum sauna, a new year and a new you?

A Genuine Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna 

One question we’re often asked is “what does ‘ a full spectrum infrared sauna’ mean?” Simply put, it means that, with our saunas, you’ll get a complete and full spectrum of infrared light. Our saunas have near-infrared LED light, as well as mid- and far-infrared Tecoloy heaters. So, with all three wavelengths, that’s a complete spectrum. Better still, you get all of that provided in the right way: through our patented dual-micron heaters that are certified safe and low EMF.

a full spectrum infrared sauna

Safe Heat, Optimal Benefits 

We designed our Health Mate Saunas to make sure that our full spectrum infrared sauna gives our customers the kind of healing heat that they’re looking for with complete, certified safety. For example, near-infrared includes chromotherapy or color light therapy. This has benefits for the skin, mental health, and more. The mid and far levels penetrate deeper and promote healing, pain relief, stronger immunity, and cardiac health. You can learn all the benefits and then decide which full-spectrum sauna suits you best.

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