A Full Spectrum Sauna: New Year, New Start

As of this writing, the New Year is just about here. This is the time of the year when many of us make resolutions on how we can improve our health. For many, that means going to the gym, or changing their diet. One great way to feel better and live healthier in the New Year is to get a full spectrum infrared sauna. These saunas boost your health all year long. So is it time for a full spectrum sauna, a new year and a new you?

A Genuine Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna 

One question we’re often asked is “what does ‘ a full spectrum infrared sauna’ mean?” Simply put, it means that, with our saunas, you’ll get a complete and full spectrum of infrared light. Our saunas have near-infrared LED light, as well as mid- and far-infrared Tecoloy heaters. So, with all three wavelengths, that’s a complete spectrum. Better still, you get all of that provided in the right way: through our patented dual-micron heaters that are certified safe and low EMF.

a full spectrum infrared sauna

Safe Heat, Optimal Benefits 

We designed our Health Mate Saunas to make sure that our full spectrum infrared sauna gives our customers the kind of healing heat that they’re looking for with complete, certified safety. For example, near-infrared includes chromotherapy or color light therapy. This has benefits for the skin, mental health, and more. The mid and far levels penetrate deeper and promote healing, pain relief, stronger immunity, and cardiac health. You can learn all the benefits and then decide which full-spectrum sauna suits you best.

Don’t put it off, make a positive change today! Check out our complete line or call (877) 595-3221.

Find The Right Infrared Sauna

We know we aren’t the only place that sells infrared saunas. So, we do everything we can to make sure that we’re the best place to find an infrared sauna for sale. Everything we do, from the design of the sauna to the construction and even assembly, is done to separate us from the pack. No matter what kind of type or style you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the right infrared sauna at Health Mate. 

Making Infrared Saunas For Over 40 Years 

We’ve been in the world of infrared saunas essentially since the beginning. Our company has been manufacturing and selling infrared saunas for more than four decades. Obviously, the technology has advanced quite a bit. Today’s saunas would seem futuristic to someone who was with our company when we started. However, every day since we started in 1979, we’ve offered our customers the best in infrared sauna technology. Our company, always adjusting to the times to remain innovative and reliable.

Best Infrared Technology 

Near, mid, and far infraredMany sauna companies have opted for cheaper yet less effective heating technology. Very quickly, we realized that was absolutely the wrong way to go about heating a sauna. To avoid this pitfall, we created our own heaters. Our Tecoloy heaters are the absolute apex of home infrared sauna tech. You never have to worry about any of the negative side effects sometimes associated with other home saunas. Even better, you can soak in all of the health benefits associated with knowing you’re getting low EMF and safely delivered infrared heat. 

Assemble Quickly and Easily 

When you get an infrared sauna, you want to start using it as soon as possible. It’s discouraging to spend hours putting one together. Health Mate made our saunas as easy to assemble as possible. With two people, they assemble in around 30 minutes. The panels easily lock together and are secure and stable, ready for use.

You can find the right infrared sauna at Health Mate, then put it together, and start enjoying all the benefits it offers! With simple financing options available, it’s easier than you might think. Start the process by calling (877) 595-3221.

Start (or End) the Day Right With a 2 Person Sauna

“We don’t seem to talk much anymore.” Do you find yourself saying that to your partner? Or, do you hear them saying it to you? It’s completely understandable. Look at how busy we are all now. It’s difficult to spend a whole day at work, exercise, go through your life, and still find that time to spend with the person that matters most to you. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your relationship, it probably just means that you’re lacking in an opportunity to get it done. A 2 person sauna provides just the place. 


Together in Comfort 


Most people, when think of “sauna,” think of the saunas they might have encountered in hotels or gyms. Those saunas are anything but private, and in many cases, anything but comfortable. As people are going through saunas essentially every day of the year, they tend to wear down quickly. Our saunas, your private home sauna, are essentially made to be the opposite of that. This sauna can be comfortable to sit in. You can even have the music that you want playing. Imagine kicking back with your beloved after a long day, sitting in a sauna, listening to “your songs.” That’s love. And, it’s life in a Health Mate Sauna. 

2 person sauna

Healthy Together 


In relationships, it sometimes feels like there’s one person whose role is always to tell the other: “you need to take better care of yourself” (of course, they often phrase it better than that). This person can change from one to the other over the course of a relationship. When you’re trying to spend more quality time with the one you love, it’s natural to think to spend more time out at a restaurant or a bar. That can be fun, but these saunas can be a better place to connect to your partner. When you’re in one of our saunas, you’ll both get the incredible health benefits that come from being in a sauna. That means you’ll both be soaking in that warmth, both of you will have all of the toxins flushed out of your body. With our 2 person sauna, you can live healthier together. 


Sauna on a Whim 


Say that, right now, you or your partner leaned over to the other and said: “let’s go to a 2 person sauna.” For many, this would be an impossibility. Maybe you’re reading this at very early in the morning, or perhaps very late at night. At neither time will a public sauna be open. Even if a sauna is open, well, you’d both have to get to it. That means you’d have to get dressed, and also bring with you what you’re going to wear in the sauna. When you have your own sauna, all of these considerations vanish. If you want to just go into a sauna early in the morning, late at night, or any other time of the day, you can do so. For the right kind of sauna for you and your home, call us at (877) 595-3221.

How an Infrared Sauna Improves Your Life

“Infrared” is one of those words that movies and TV might have given folks the wrong impression about. When people hear “infrared,” they might think of “infrared vision,” which shows the “heat signatures” of people and the like. Sure, that tech exists, but that has nothing to do with our saunas. Here at Health Mate Sauna, we utilize infrared technology to give you a sauna experience that rejuvenates and revitalizes your body, providing plenty of relaxation and health benefits along the way. An infrared sauna can have a significant positive impact on your life. 


Why Infrared 


We’re often asked “why do your saunas use infrared technology? Isn’t there a better way to heat them?” The truth is that no, there isn’t. The infrared tech that we use gets you hotter quicker and in a safer way than other methods of heat. That way, you can experience all of the great benefits that come from being warm in a sauna without any of the potential downsides. If you try other saunas, they use inferior and frankly, potentially dangerous forms of heat. That includes, and we’re not making this up, food lamps, similar to the ones you’d see at a cafeteria or convenience store. By utilizing the best in infrared tech, we’re able to offer our customers a better overall heating experience. 

infrared sauna

Infrared Red Sauna Pain Relief 


For so many people, the most important reason to get into a sauna is to relieve pain. After a long workout, after a long day at work, or even before what you know is going to be a physically difficult task – a sauna should be able to provide not just pain relief, but natural pain relief. The patented Tecoloy heating in our saunas doesn’t just help with pain relief, it helps with chronic pain relief. Instead of taking some kind of pill or something, hoping that your pain will go away for even a brief period of time, you can get into a sauna that will actually do something about your chronic pain. While using one of our saunas is a great way to relax, they’re also a great way to fight back, too. 


Pain Relief When You Want It 


Many of our customers get our saunas in their homes so that they can use them whenever they want. As they’re so effective for chronic pain relief, our customers want to use them again and again. Traveling to another location to use a sauna daily is inefficient at best, expensive and time-consuming at worst. With our saunas, you can save yourself a lot of time and money all while ensuring that you feel great for whatever’s ahead. Infrared technology is a proven way to make your body feel better inside and out. Whether you’re looking for a way to detox and sweat the day away; or if you want the perfect way to start any day of the year, we’ve got a sauna for you. Learn more by going to our site or calling  (877) 595-3221.

A Home Infrared Sauna: Relaxation (and More) When You Want

A home infrared sauna allows you to use a sauna whenever you want. There’s no waiting in line, there’s no travel or parking, you don’t have to sit around other people (unless you want to) – it is entirely, utterly yours. As you might imagine, this is possibly the best way to relax after a long day at work. Instead of sitting on the couch watching television, you can literally sweat every part of your job out through your pores in a matter of minutes. It is as relaxing as can be. However, there’s more to our home saunas than just relaxation (although the relaxation is pretty great).

home infrared sauna

Home Infrared Sauna: Pain Relief on Your Terms

Whenever something starts to hurt or ache, we’re often compelled to take something. Take a pill, take some medicine, apply a cream or ointment, even do some stretching – there’s always some active measure that we’re told to take, to feel better. However, for many of us, those actions don’t really do all that much. That’s especially true if you’ve been doing them for a while. Our home saunas, however, can provide plenty of pain relief. Better still, you don’t have to do anything – you just have to sit there. A few minutes in our saunas can help with all different kinds of chronic pain conditions, and you don’t have to put anything in your body to reap those benefits. Beyond that, when your sauna is in your home, you can do this when you’d like. So, if you start to feel a bit achy in the morning or at night, you can just pop into your spa for a bit, and pop out stronger than ever.

Support Your Immune System

As of this writing, it’s mid-September. That means that in much of the continent, the kids are back in school, the leaves are falling and so too are the temperatures. All of these things combined can make it a bad time of year for health. When you go out in public, you’ve probably heard people sniffling. However, if you have one of our saunas in your home, you can do a bit to boost your immune system. Sure, you can’t make your immune system invincible, but you can make it a bit stronger. Our saunas can generate quite a bit of heat, and they can make you hot, too. In fact, our saunas can induce an artificial (and perfectly healthy) fever. That’s what your body does when an infection strikes. These “little fevers” can make your immune system that much stronger and that much more prepared for the cold season ahead.

A Beautiful Sauna in Your Home

There are benefits to having a sauna in your home that go beyond your health, too. The truth is that our saunas just look great. The wood exteriors, the compact size – they make the perfect addition to a home of practically any size. Learn more when you call us at (877) 595-3221.