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Where are Health Mate infrared saunas sold?

Health Mate sells its infrared saunas online and ships directly to your doorstep. Saunas arrive ready to assemble, a simple process that typically takes around 30 minutes.

Additionally, Health Mate saunas are sold from select retail vendors, considered dealers, that partner with us and who often sell other products, such as pools or spas, as part of their business. Currently, we do not have a list of all our retail partners available. If you are looking for a Health Mate retail location near you, please feel free to contact our Dealer Specialist.

Once you decide to purchase your infrared sauna directly from Health Mate, see our pricing and compare online. If you have questions or need additional information, see our Customer Service details.

To become a Health Mate sauna dealer or affiliate, please fill out our dealer form, and we’ll gladly be in touch. Please allow up to 48 business hours for a return call or email.

There are many reasons to choose Health Mate infrared saunas on your journey to better health. With more than a 40-year track record of success and innovation, Health Mate is confident we have a sauna to suit your budget and lifestyle. Take our sauna quiz to find your best match!