Man relaxing on couch with Enrich infrared sauna in the background

Why Health Mate?

There are many reasons to choose Health Mate infrared saunas on your journey to better health. With the longest track record of success and innovation in infrared saunas, Health Mate also has the best quality control, the newest technology, and the longest-lasting infrared saunas

We’re #1 In The Infrared Sauna Industry

When looking for an infrared sauna, you want experience and innovation that translates into a brand you can trust. Health Mate has built it’s industry reputation on a solid foundation of state-of-the-art manufacturing, top notch customer service and quality that’s recognized across the globe. Since opening our factory in 1979, we continue to lead the way when it comes to infrared saunas.

We’ve Kept Our EMF Ultra Low

Your well-being is at the heart of our innovations, which includes our heating technology. We’ve ensured our heaters and our controllers are not only powerful but also provide the lowest levels of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). You can enjoy your Health Mate infrared sauna knowing you get the highest heat penetration along with the maximum benefits, safely.

woman sweating in infrared sauna with incoloy heaters
It's easy to sweat away the day in a Health Mate infrared sauna. We're outfitted with the fastest, most effective heaters available so you can start sweating sooner and hotter without increasing the electric bill.

We Offer Full Spectrum Infrared

The key to an effective infrared experience is having the entire array of wavelengths—near, mid, and far-infrared. Our full spectrum saunas use a patented heating technology combined with state-of-the-art diode panels to ensure an optimal infrared session. No other manufacturer or brand comes close to matching the infrared range of Health Mate’s full spectrum saunas.

We Insist On Superior Construction

Health Mate has been building its infrared saunas since 1979, longer than any other company. In fact, Health Mate is still the OEM manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for all of its well-known models. We continually streamline our manufacturing methods and upgrade our materials. This is why our saunas are built to last longer than most cars!

We Introduced the First Infrared Sauna 40 Years Ago

Health Mate was the first to produce an infrared home sauna in the United States in 1979. Our past is rich with achievements and advancements. Health Mate ensures its saunas incorporate the wealth of 40 years of experience, from sourcing quality wood to manufacturing and delivering quality products direct from our factory that feature full spectrum heat and low EMF.

Make Health Mate your first and last stop when shopping for an infrared sauna for your home or business.