Near, mid, and far infrared

Safe. Effective. Smart.

There is absolutely no sauna on the market that competes with our Full-Spectrum infrared Enrich and Restore models. We’ve combined our patented Tecoloy™ heaters that produce both mid and far-infrared with a state-of-the-art near-infrared LED panel that produces Red Light along with 8 other colors for varied benefits.

True Full-Spectrum in Our Top of the Line Infrared Saunas

Health Mate created the ultimate infrared saunas, featuring a complete heating system we call full-spectrum. Some sauna brands only deliver mid- and far-infrared. However, we include near-infrared for a complete infrared experience that provides the maximum benefits, including red light therapy.

Full-spectrum infrared heat can provide you with an improved immune system, partly due to detoxification that results from intense sweating. Having all three levels of infrared ensures you not only boost your resistance to colds and viruses but experience enhanced performance. Both the Enrich and Restore models can result in better preventive healing than standard industry saunas.

Tecoloy can emmit both mid and far infrared

We patented the technology that brings you the full scale of infrared benefits, and our heaters are certified non-toxic with made using stainless steel reflective panels, so they’re safe. You’ll experience 360-degree heat circulation while increasing your core temperature in a fraction of the time spent in other infrared saunas.

Our heating units are covered by warranty, are 3rd party tested, and are certified low EMF and non-toxic, so you are assured the safest and best quality infrared sauna experience. Once you purchase your Health Mate sauna, you’ll want to register your unit for full warranty coverage, so you can enjoy the long-lasting craftsmanship and performance that our full-spectrum infrared saunas are known for.

LED array for infrared light therapy

Near Infrared LED

Health Mate has developed a state of the art near infrared LED panel capable of producing between 600-900nm.

Light therapy—or photobiomodulation (PBM) as it’s technically called is more safe, more effective and a smarter way to achieve the benefits of red light therapy and near infrared. The clinical evidence supporting the benefits of red and near infrared light is extensive.