Low-EMF, highly emmisive technology

The Best Low EMF Sauna Heaters

Health Mate guarantees its infrared sauna heaters are low-EMF. The WHO and NIH conducted substantial research and established that there is little risk associated with EMF exposure. Accordingly, as part of our ongoing commitment to high quality, we provide low-EMF infrared technology in all our saunas.

All Our Infrared Saunas Offer Safe Levels of EMF

For decades scientists researched infrared heat and EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields).  EMFs are common to electronic devices yet invisible to the naked eye. Health Mate boasts more than 40 years of building and selling saunas that are ultra-low EMF. Therefore, you can rest assured that our complete line of saunas is free of harmful radiation-emitting frequencies.

See our 3rd party certified testing report

Our patented Tecoloy™ heaters are the only ones on the market tested for ultra-low EMF and ELF levels in infrared saunas. Additionally, we matched that standard by spending an exponential amount of time with our R&D department developing low EMF controllers.

Imagine spending time in the sun, which radiates around fifty percent infrared waves. Our infrared saunas provide the same warmth and benefits but without ultraviolet damage.

According to the International Commission On Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, the limit of public exposure to magnetic fields is 100 at 50 Hz. In addition, for electric fields, it’s 5000 at 50 Hz. Fortunately, Health Mate infrared saunas emit lower than 4 at 4000 Hz and 3 at 30 Hz, well under the limit.

Read more on what the scientists from the World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, and International Commission On Non-ionizing Radiation Protection Agency conclude about low EMF exposure.

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No Other Heater Compares

Tecoloy can emmit both mid and far infraredHealth Mate offers the only patented Tecoloy™ heater, designed by the industry’s premier heating company and 3rd party tested for low EMF. Our unique angled design achieves 360-degree coverage along with higher watt density. This results in a rapid warm-up time and higher core temperatures. Therefore, you’ll sweat faster and more evenly, achieving the desired detoxification and other benefits an infrared sauna provides.

Tecoloy™ M series is the only dual wave heater on the market that combines mid- and far-infrared utilizing high-density heat. Don’t be fooled by low-heat density heaters, like lesser-quality carbon.

Tecoloy™ Emissivity

Based on spectrometer readings, our Tecoloy™ heaters produce 99.5% emissivity. Emissivity refers to the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat. So, the higher the emissivity, the faster you sweat.

Tecoloy™ heaters produce much more heat per square inch of heating surface. Therefore, they provide more valuable and beneficial infrared heat.