Luxury smart sauna series

We’ve Set The Standards

Health Mate not only pioneered the infrared sauna business but we set the bar, ensuring you get the best in quality and the best results. Forty years of manufacturing taught us more than how to master construction–it made us the sauna industry leader.

Purchase a Health Mate sauna and you get a product that will provide more than 15 years of exemplary performance. This is largely due to our heaters. Each is built to our company specifications and made to outlast any basic carbon or other infrared heaters on the market.

We implement five separate checkpoints for quality control rather than only one final one. Your sauna not only meets our standards but also your expectations every step of the way.

We’ve Innovated Infrared Heating

Health Mate implemented and patented the first Tecoloy™ heater, a unique and innovative approach to infrared sauna heating. This technology is unmatched for mid and far-infrared heating.

Our patented Tecoloy™ max heaters deliver 360 degrees of dual-wave heat and provide up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater. They offer the highest watt density of any on the market and the fastest-to-temperature heat time. Additionally, we certify that heaters are non-toxic. Plus, each Tecoloy™ heater features its own individual serial number.

Near infrared light emitting diode array
The near-infrared visible light spectrum emitted by this LED panel. All of our full-spectrum infrared models include multi-diode LED arrays, providing near-infrared benefits in addition to chromotherapy.

We’ve Effectively Covered The Spectrum

Health Mate developed a state-of-the-art near-infrared LED panel that produces between 600-900nm of light therapy—or photobiomodulation (PBM).  This safely and effectively achieves near-infrared, or red-light therapy, benefits. The clinical evidence supporting these benefits is extensive.

Infrared sauna therapy and red light therapy differ, offering varied benefits since they penetrate multiple levels of the skin for a range of outcomes. Step into a Health Mate full spectrum sauna, and you’ll achieve maximum overall results in wellness and lasting healing.

Check out our full-spectrum models and learn more about how Health Mate became the industry leader.