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Infrared Sauna For Relaxation & Stress Relief

Stress is something that can’t be avoided. It comes in different forms and varying degrees, either as part of a fight or flight response, occasional work or life stress or as an ongoing chronic experience. Each type comes with its share of traits and symptoms.

Once we acknowledge it, it’s important to determine the source of our stress so we can start to manage or eliminate it.

The most common-sense way people relieve stress is by finding an environment that promotes relaxation and tranquility. A calm environment calms the mind—like an infrared sauna.

An infrared sauna promotes calm, acting like a mini getaway from the stressors of life. Once inside you can sit or recline in silence, read a book, listen to music, stretch your muscles, or meditate. After you leave your sauna, you are left with a feeling of deep relaxation and a more positive mood and attitude that can last for hours and even lead to a better night’s sleep.

Health Mate saunas promote this amazing feeling of relaxation. To enhance the experience, you can even incorporate essential oils, such as lavender.

Let’s talk about how infrared works.

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How An Infrared Sauna Helps Us Relax

From the moment we step into an infrared sauna, a series of chemical changes begin to occur within our body, including an increase in temperature. Our blood vessels dilate and our circulation increases. This stimulates the release of endorphins, the ‘feel-good’ chemical, along with increasing our heart rate.

As this is happening, unwanted toxins and lactic acid are carried away from our muscles, which then begin to loosen.

This is all due to the far-infrared light, a wavelength that penetrates the muscles deep within the body and helps to relieve and relax from the inside out.

But keep reading…

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Studies on Infrared Sauna For Relaxation And Anxiety Relief

One pilot study from the Department of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Metabolic Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Kagoshima University, Japan, reported the effects of sauna therapy on individuals with chronic fatigue system (CFS) shows:

Perceived fatigue significantly decreased after therapy, although no significant reductions were observed during therapy. In addition, a negative mood, including anxiety, depression, and fatigue, and the performance status significantly improved after therapy.

Additionally, near-infrared or red light therapy is effective in reducing anxiety. According to a recent study, it can be instrumental in treating both anxiety and depression.

Relax with Health Mate Saunas

Health Mate infrared saunas use patented Tecoloy heaters, which deliver 360 degrees of dual wave heat to help penetrate the skin and muscles even deeper than the leading competitor. Our full-spectrum saunas provide all three levels of infrared, including near-, mid-, and far-infrared. This way you can experience the entire range of benefits of sauna therapy.

For more information contact us today to learn how infrared saunas can help improve your health and help you manage stress.