Lasting, Sustainable Quality

Natural solid wood sauna door handle

Solid Wood Construction

All Health Mate saunas are constructed of 100% solid, natural eucalyptus wood for durability, not engineered or fabricated wood. This not only improves the lasting, sustainable quality and feel of your sauna, but eucalyptus wood is eco-friendly since it grows rapidly and is easily re-harvested.

Eucalyptus looks similar to cedar in color and grain and offers non-toxic, anti-microbial properties, ensuring a healthy, comfortable environment as you enjoy your infrared sauna experience.

Say “No” to Glass

Our saunas are designed with a limited amount of glass, featuring 80% wood construction, in order to reduce heat loss and retain the maximum amount of heat for optimum results. Heat loss is the number one issue with in-home saunas—large glass doors and windows allow infrared heat to escape, reducing overall insulation and making your sauna expensive to keep warm.

Proper care of your sauna is key to maintaining its function and appearance. We recommend cleaning after each use, and keeping your sauna dry between uses to preserve the wood and prevent unwanted moisture or mineral build-up.

Five-Stage Quality Control

While many industry manufacturers have a single stage of quality control, Health Mate incorporates five stages. Over the 40 years we’ve been building infrared saunas, we have continually improved our manufacturing methods along with quality control.

Our 5-stage quality control system ensures the sauna you purchase is free of defects. Health Mate stands behind its product 100%, and after 40 years of being in the business, we’re confident you’ll find we’re the top-selling brand for a reason.

Simple Assembly

Assembling your Health Mate sauna is so easy and requires no, or minimal, tools! Each comes with straightforward, step-by-step instructions on how to quickly connect the latch-buckle panels and electrical units so you can be enjoying your sauna within 30 minutes of delivery.

Health Mate understands the importance of your infrared investment, which is why we know you’ll appreciate the lasting, sustainable quality of our saunas. For additional information on materials, assembly and installation, see our FAQ page.