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What does my warranty cover?

Health Mate proudly offers a warranty that covers the most important parts of your sauna so you enjoy lasting use. Below are coverage details: 

Tecoloy Heaters           

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
An unconditional lifetime warranty means that the product is covered for its natural life.   

Wood Panels & Benches

5-Year Warranty
We use solid eucalyptus wood, which is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Eucalyptus wood is also anti-microbial, and with proper care and treatment can last for more than 30 years. 

Power Supply & Patented Controller                           

5-Year Warranty
Our power supplies are commercial grade and are extremely well built and safety compliant, meeting all industry certification standards. 

For technical support or additional questions, please fill out this form or contact us over the phone. 

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