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What does full spectrum mean?

When shopping for infrared saunas, you’ve likely read various terms about infrared heating. The most common are far infrared or mid-infrared. The other level of infrared heat is near-infrared. Each of these is based on the wavelengths emitted from your infrared heater.

Health Mate terms full spectrum as a sauna that offers all three levels of infrared heating—mid, far, and near-infrared. Full-spectrum infrared heating is available in the majority of our sauna models and helps deliver the entire range of benefits.

Starting with near-infrared, this is a lower frequency heating. Near-infrared light is emitted by our LED panels, which also provide light therapy, also called chromotherapy. The benefits of chromotherapy include mood enhancement, joint pain reduction, migraine relief, and more. Near-infrared is safe and has little-to-no side effects.

Mid- and far-infrared heat provides even more physical benefits within your sauna, as they are what generate the heat. These emissions can reduce muscle pain, result in detoxification, and improve circulation. This is due to the level of heat and penetration provided by mid and far-infrared rays. While you can’t see them, they are highly beneficial. After just 20-30 minutes in your sauna, you should notice a positive difference. And all of our saunas are rated low EMF, which means every level of infrared heat is within safe limits.

Ultimately, full-spectrum is the ideal choice for your infrared sauna. If you have questions about our models that offer full-spectrum, be sure to contact a customer service member to learn more.