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Why isn’t my sauna reaching its maximum temperature?

Your Health Mate sauna is designed to reach a maximum temperature of 160°F-170°F. This is warmer than the recommended sauna session temperature for the average person who requires 120°F -145°F. However, to be sure your sauna is heating correctly, please see the checklist below:

  • Check your owner’s manual for your particular model’s electrical requirement. If you have an Essential, Enrich, Inspire or Renew series model, your sauna requires a standard 120v outlet. If you purchased a Therapy Lounge or Elevated Health model, it requires a heftier power source, and you’ll need 230v to properly run your sauna.
  • Be sure the vent on your sauna roof is closed.
  • Make sure your power cords are properly connected. Plug both the female end of the AC power cord and the floor power cord into the sauna power supply on the front panel, not into the floor of the sauna
  • Do NOT use a power strip to plug in your sauna, rather plug it directly into your wall receptacle.
  • Allow 20-60 minutes for your sauna to reach the desired temperature, depending on where you place your sauna. If you place the sauna on a patio or outdoor space, the surrounding temperature may slow the internal heating of the sauna, particularly if it’s colder outside. This applies indoors as well.
  • If your sauna bench heater feels like it’s not heating properly, switch it off and then back on. The bench heater is designed to heat separately and at a lower temperature than the other heaters for your comfort.
  • If you get an error code on your sauna control panel, there may be a technical issue with your connection. Please contact our support team for further instructions.