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What if my LED panel above flickers?

If your Health Mate infrared sauna features an LED diode panel inside, you may sometimes notice a flicker. LED lights sometimes flicker because they run at a lower frequency than regular bulbs. This is totally normal.

However, if your LED light panel above starts to dim or won’t switch on, it could be one of two issues.

Check the battery in your chromotherapy panel remote, which turns the panel on and off. The battery in your remote can be easily replaced. If you replace the battery and the panel is still having issues, the LED panel is likely the problem.

To get a replacement panel or for any other issues with the lighting, please contact Health Mate’s customer service team. We will be happy to resolve the problem so you can be back to enjoying your sauna experience.

If you have any questions about chromotherapy and its many benefits, learn more here.

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How do I use an infrared sauna?

Whether you just purchased your infrared sauna or are still shopping for one, it’s good to know the best use an infrared sauna. Your health and safety are important!

Infrared therapy has been around for centuries, initially introduced in the 1800s as a “light bath”. However, the technology was still new at the time and research was still being done. In 1965, a Japanese doctor patented the first far infrared heater. By 1979, Health Mate had introduced the infrared sauna to the U.S. market.

Getting Started With Your Sauna

Today infrared saunas are very commonly enjoyed in homes and wellness centers, however, we suggest some precautions before and during use:

  • To properly acclimate, set your sauna temperatures slightly lower to begin, then gradually increase it each session until you reach your comfort level.
  • Start by spending shorter sessions inside your sauna, then increase by a few minutes each time. If you feel lightheaded or nauseous, take a break or drink some fluids.
  • Spend no more than 30-40 minutes in any one sauna session.
  • Children using the sauna require adult supervision, at least initially. Be sure they are the appropriate age, generally 8 or older, and in acceptable health, since children tend to dehydrate faster than adults.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, or after your sauna session, since sauna use causes intense perspiration

Your sauna requires at least 10-15 minutes of warm-up time after you first turn it on. Once it’s at your desired temperature, you can enter the sauna and enjoy the soothing and healing experience. Wear comfortable clothing or a bathing suit or wrap yourself in a towel. For added comfort, we recommend a backrest or cushion.

While infrared heat can be relaxing and rejuvenating, you’ll gain many valuable benefits beyond just that, including pain reduction, increased circulation, and improved cardiac health.

Learn more details on how to use an infrared sauna from our Sauna News blog.

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How do I assemble my infrared sauna?

Each Health Mate Sauna is designed to easily assemble using a latch-buckle system. In around 30 minutes, two people should be able to put your sauna together. The control panels and heaters are simple to connect and come with basic instructions.

Consult the manual for the directions for your specific model. Below are links to videos that demonstrate how to assemble your sauna.

For any issues or questions, please contact our support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Assembly Videos

Quick Links


Renew Models

Enrich Models

Elevated Health

Therapy Lounge



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Where can I get my sauna manual?

Each Health Mate infrared sauna comes with its own operator’s manual upon delivery. This includes tips on cleaning, installation, and assembly along with how to prepare for using your sauna. If your manual did not get included or you cannot locate it, we’ve included links below so you can read or download an online version based on your sauna model.

Renew Series Models

Enrich 2 & 3 Models

Enrich Corner

Inspire Series Models

Therapy Lounge

Elevated Health

Half Sauna Essential Lounge

Should you have additional questions about your sauna, feel free to contact our customer service team. You can find additional information on maintenance, troubleshooting, and operations in FAQ, or if you have assembly questions, see our assembly videos.

Please be sure to note the added safety precautions in your manual, along with the warranty information. Your manual will also include a full list of Health Mate accessories, designed to enhance your infrared sauna experience.

For background information on sauna use, benefits of infrared, and other tips and suggestions on how to enjoy your sauna experience, see our Resources page.

Trouble downloading the manuals from the links above? Please email us.

Health Mate wants your sauna experience to be exceptional. See what other customers are saying about their saunas.


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Why isn’t my bench heater as hot as the other heaters?

The bench heater in all Health Mate Saunas is the lowest-watt heater in the cabin. This heater is designed to give half the amount of infrared heat as the heaters in the back or the front of the sauna. With the bench heater being right next to the legs, we designed it for maximum comfort for our customers.

If the bench heater is not properly heating, try flipping the switch off and then on again, and that should reset the heater so it will warm up properly.

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Why does my control panel have a flicker?

It is completely normal for your control panel lights to flicker. This increases the lifespan of the panel lights.  Your sauna panel uses small LED lights that work similar to a computer, with a binary on and off status rather than a continuous stream of light like traditional light bulbs. In addition, your control panel runs at a low frequency.

However, if your control panel’s lights are fading or not visible, a panel replacement might be needed.  

Please fill out a support ticket for all warranty claims and our support team will be in touch.  

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What if the front heaters are not turning on?

Health Mate saunas are designed to give our users the best possible infrared experience. In the event your sauna is having issues with the front heaters, please see the videos below to ensure your new Health Mate infrared sauna is correctly wired. 

Note: All heater cables should be plugged directly into the red power supply. 

If once you’ve watched the video, you determined the wiring is correct and there is still no heat from the front heaters, you’ll want to check connection located on the front floor, right, under a small wood cover. The heater connection will be blue. Make sure this connection (blue plug) is plugged in. A red/brown colored wire should be on top. 

The connector can only be inserted one way. Make sure you have the connections lined up correctly based on shapes indicated below, where the red/brown wire is on top. 

If you’re still experiencing issues with the front heaters, please contact our technical support team. 

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What if my sauna is slow to heat up?

Once you connect your sauna and turn it on, it should take between 15-20 minutes to heat to the desired temperature. If for some reason your sauna is taking longer than normal to heat to the desired temperature, there are a few possible causes that are generally easy and safe to fix.   

First, check that all heaters are producing heat once the unit is on and the temperature gauge has been set. The bench heater will produce a lower temperature than the other heaters. 

Our testing and heat-up times are based on an average household temperature of 70 degrees. If your sauna is outside, in your garage, or in a basement that doesn’t have an outside ambient temperature of 70 degrees, you can expect approximately 10-20 minute longer heat up times to reach the base temperature. 

The base temperature for our line of saunas including the Renew Series, Enrich Series, and the Elevated/Therapy Lounge series is around 110120 degrees. 

If your sauna is located outside, you can add a piece of cloth to the cable and controller holes to reduce the amount of cold outside air affecting your infrared sauna internal temperature. 

Last, if your sauna is still slow to heat, try turning off the bench heater during warm-up. This will allow your main heaters to produce maximum heat. Once you have reached the temperature selected, turn the bench heater back on.  

In order to turn off your bench heater, the line should be lifted and then the circle should be pushed down. 

For additional assistance with heating issues, please contact our technical support team.