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Where can I get my sauna manual?

Each Health Mate infrared sauna comes with its own operator’s manual upon delivery. This includes tips on cleaning, installation, and assembly along with how to prepare for using your sauna. If your manual did not get included or you cannot locate it, we’ve included links below so you can read or download an online version based on your sauna model.

Renew Series Models

Enrich 2 & 3 Models

Enrich Corner

Inspire Series Models

Therapy Lounge

Elevated Health

Half Sauna Essential Lounge

Should you have additional questions about your sauna, feel free to contact our customer service team. You can find additional information on maintenance, troubleshooting, and operations in FAQ, or if you have assembly questions, see our assembly videos.

Please be sure to note the added safety precautions in your manual, along with the warranty information. Your manual will also include a full list of Health Mate accessories, designed to enhance your infrared sauna experience.

For background information on sauna use, the benefits of infrared, and other tips and suggestions on how to enjoy your sauna experience, see our Resources page.

Trouble downloading the manuals from the links above? Please email us.

Health Mate wants your sauna experience to be exceptional. See what other customers are saying about their saunas.