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What if my LED panel above flickers?

If your Health Mate infrared sauna features an LED diode panel inside, you may sometimes notice a flicker. LED lights sometimes flicker because they run at a lower frequency than regular bulbs. This is totally normal.

However, if your LED light panel above starts to dim or won’t switch on, it could be one of two issues.

Check the battery in your chromotherapy panel remote, which turns the panel on and off. The battery in your remote can be easily replaced. If you replace the battery and the panel is still having issues, the LED panel is likely the problem.

To get a replacement panel or for any other issues with the lighting, please contact Health Mate’s customer service team. We will be happy to resolve the problem so you can be back to enjoying your sauna experience.

If you have any questions about chromotherapy and its many benefits, learn more here.

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How do I assemble my infrared sauna?

Each Health Mate Sauna is designed to easily assemble using a latch-buckle system. In around 30 minutes, two people should be able to put your sauna together. The control panels and heaters are simple to connect and come with basic instructions.

Consult the manual for the directions for your specific model. Below are links to videos that demonstrate how to assemble your sauna.

For any issues or questions, please contact our support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Assembly Videos

Quick Links


Renew Models

Enrich Models

Elevated Health

Therapy Lounge



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Where can I get my sauna manual?

Each Health Mate infrared sauna comes with its own operator’s manual upon delivery. This includes tips on cleaning, installation, and assembly along with how to prepare for using your sauna. If your manual did not get included or you cannot locate it, we’ve included links below so you can read or download an online version based on your sauna model.

Renew Series Models

Enrich 2 & 3 Models

Enrich Corner

Inspire Series Models

Therapy Lounge

Elevated Health

Half Sauna Essential Lounge

Should you have additional questions about your sauna, feel free to contact our customer service team. You can find additional information on maintenance, troubleshooting, and operations in FAQ, or if you have assembly questions, see our assembly videos.

Please be sure to note the added safety precautions in your manual, along with the warranty information. Your manual will also include a full list of Health Mate accessories, designed to enhance your infrared sauna experience.

For background information on sauna use, the benefits of infrared, and other tips and suggestions on how to enjoy your sauna experience, see our Resources page.

Trouble downloading the manuals from the links above? Please email us.

Health Mate wants your sauna experience to be exceptional. See what other customers are saying about their saunas.


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Why don’t the electrical cords connect?

As you’re assembling your sauna and connecting the electrical cords, be sure to plug both the female end of the AC power cord and the floor power cord into the sauna power supply on the front panel, not into the floor of the sauna.  

For additional power and electrical cord questions, please contact our technical support team. 

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What are they extra metal parts in my accessory box for?

Your sauna may have come equipped with a CD player, and if so, you’ll find two flat metal parts in a small plastic bag when you’re assembling your infrared sauna. These are release ‘keys’ that are for removing the radio/CD-player, in the unlikely event the player’s fuse needs to be replaced or the unit itself. 

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Is it safe to install my sauna on a carpeted floor?

Health Mate saunas can be placed anywhere there is a flat, dry surface that can withstand the weight of the sauna. This includes wood flooring, tile, concrete, laminate, pressure-treated wood, and carpet!

Heat doesn’t transfer from the inside of the sauna to the outside. This means you don’t need to worry about your carpet or other flooring getting too hot or absorbing moisture. However, you’ll want to make sure you place your sauna where it won’t get damaged or cause any damage to the surface it’s placed upon. 

Saunas may be placed inside or outside. Keep in mind the following when finding the ideal place for your sauna: 

-If you’re considering placing the sauna outdoors, make sure the area is covered, including a balcony or patio, or that it’s under an awning. Provide enough space and clear away or move nearby items. Don’t lean anything against the sauna or put anything on top of it.  

The same rules apply when placing your sauna inside. Also, make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the unit. Don’t force it in or you could cause damage. 

-Place your sauna somewhere it can remain for long periods so you won’t have to move it. If you decide to relocate the sauna, you’ll want to take it apart rather than trying to move it as a whole unit. The exception to this is our Essential saunas, which are more portable and lighter.

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How do I use the wall receptacle that came with my sauna?

If your sauna came with a 20-amp receptacle, which applies to the ASE-3 and CSE-3 models, you’ll need to install a 20-amp line. Besides using the 20-amp receptacle provided, you must make sure that the circuit breaker for this line is rated at least 20-amps and that the wiring from the breaker box to this outlet is rated for 20-amps (12-gauge or heavier). 

For additional performance and wiring issues, please consult your local electrician. If you’re having issues related to the product itself, contact our technical support team. 

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How do I replace my Bluetooth CD player?

If your Bluetooth CD player becomes inoperational, first check to see if the issue is your 12v converter following these steps: 

  • Locate the access panel at the rear of your sauna.  
  • Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove both screws, then remove the panel 
  • Check to see if there’s a blue light coming from the player.  
  • If the blue light is on, your 12v power should be working. This means you may need to replace the actual CD player. 

To replace the CD player: 

  • Locate the access panel to the CD player 
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 4 screws. 
  • The first cable you need to unplug is your antenna. Pull the cable out and set it to the side. 
  • Remove the (2) black connectors that connect the CD player. To remove, place pressure on the hinged clips and pull out. At the top of your sauna, remove the old wiring harness. Push the clip down and pull the apart for all three connectors. 
  • Once all the cables are disconnected, you can remove the player by going inside your sauna and pulling the CD player’s wood cover down. Once down, use your fingers to pull off the plastic frame. This frame can be slightly stuck so you may need to apply pressure to remove or use a flat head screwdriver. Your inoperational CD player should slide out. 

 You can then install your New CD player: 

  • Find the (2) keys in your CD player box. Insert the keys into the right and left of your CD player’s sleeve, then pull the keys and your CD player should release from the sleeve. 
  • Find the two clips that are holding the old sleeve in place inside your sauna. Pull these clips back so they sit flat in the opening behind. Remove the old sleeve. Replace the old sleeve with the new sleeve. 
  • Take your new CD player and insert it into the new sleeve. You should hear a click once it sets. 
  • Take your new bezel and place it on the front of the CD player. 
  • Plug in all 3 cables on the harness that came with your new CD player. You don’t need to match the speaker cables; colors do not matter. Take the end of the connector and plug it into the new CD player. 
  • Plug in your old antenna to the new CD player. 
  • Replace the panel cover back on your CD player. 
  • Power on your new CD player and set your stations and connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth. 

 For additional power and electrical cord questions, please contact our technical support team.