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How do I replace my Bluetooth CD player?

If your Bluetooth CD player becomes inoperational, first check to see if the issue is your 12v converter following these steps: 

  • Locate the access panel at the rear of your sauna.  
  • Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove both screws, then remove the panel 
  • Check to see if there’s a blue light coming from the player.  
  • If the blue light is on, your 12v power should be working. This means you may need to replace the actual CD player. 

To replace the CD player

  • Locate the access panel to the CD player 
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 4 screws. 
  • The first cable you need to unplug is your antenna. Pull the cable out and set it to the side. 
  • Remove the (2) black connectors that connect the CD player. To remove, place pressure on the hinged clips and pull out. At the top of your sauna, remove the old wiring harness. Push the clip down and pull the apart for all three connectors. 
  • Once all the cables are disconnected, you can remove the player by going inside your sauna and pulling the CD player’s wood cover down. Once down, use your fingers to pull off the plastic frame. This frame can be slightly stuck so you may need to apply pressure to remove or use a flat head screwdriver. Your inoperational CD player should slide out. 

 To install your New CD player 

  • Find the (2) keys in your CD player box. Insert the keys into the right and left of your CD player’s sleeve, then pull the keys and your CD player should release from the sleeve. 
  • Find the two clips that are holding the old sleeve in place inside your sauna. Pull these clips back so they sit flat in the opening behind. Remove the old sleeve. Replace the old sleeve with the new sleeve. 
  • Take your new CD player and insert it into the new sleeve. You should hear a click once it sets. 
  • Take your new bezel and place it on the front of the CD player. 
  • Plug in all 3 cables on the harness that came with your new CD player. You don’t need to match the speaker cables; colors do not matter. Take the end of the connector and plug it into the new CD player. 
  • Plug in your old antenna to the new CD player. 
  • Replace the panel cover back on your CD player. 
  • Power on your new CD player and set your stations and connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth. 

 For additional power and electrical cord questions, please contact our technical support team.