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What does low EMF mean?

Infrared heat emits varying wavelengths that also give off electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This may sound like cause for concern, but all heat sources emit some level of infrared radiation.

Our daily lives expose us to varying levels of EMF from cell phones, appliances, computers, and more. We can’t see the waves being emitted, but they are there. Those items are considered Low EMF, or non-ionizing radiation. The EMF from your sauna fall into the lower and mid-frequency of the spectrum, so they are considered safe. There are high levels of EMF emitted from some sources, primarily x-rays and ultraviolet rays from the sun, from which you want to limit exposure. If you’ve ever been sunburnt, you know!

Fortunately, your Health Mate infrared sauna heaters have been 3rd party tested to verify the EMF emitted is at safe levels. This applies to our dual-micron Tecoloy heaters, which are what help deeply penetrate your skin for maximum infrared benefits.

We take your health and safety seriously, so not only are our infrared sauna heaters safe, but also the sauna controllers. Infrared therapy offers a myriad of benefits, so you should feel confident as you enjoy your sauna experience.

We encourage you to learn more about low EMF. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sauna specialists for additional information.