High Quality from Good Health Saunas

If you are in the market for a personal sauna, the best thing you can do before you make a big purchase like this is to do your research. Learning about the different brands out there, how the saunas are constructed, the benefits of each, the pros and cons of different companies, and the price will all lead you to make the most informed decision you can make regarding the sauna you want. Quality is always of the utmost importance when you are spending thousands of dollars like this, and to ensure you get the best quality possible, you want to invest in units that provide good health from saunas like we do here at Health Mate Sauna.

good health saunas

The Best Materials and Technology in Saunas

When you shop with us at Health Mate Sauna, you will get a unit that is made from top materials. Our units are not just made with the most beautiful woods available. This wood is naturally antimicrobial, an important factor for timber used in sauna construction. You will not have to worry about fungus or mold growing within the lumber because of moisture from the sauna, something that should be a concern for you if you purchase a sauna made of poplar, basswood, or “engineered wood”. We also use patented, cutting-edge technology for the full spectrum infrared heating elements used so that you get the most effective results and safest atmosphere for your sauna.

Better Health with Our Saunas

A crucial selling point that helps to make us the best choice for good health saunas is that you will get the amazing health benefits of a sauna without any of the potential dangers that other units can pose. Proper use of our sauna will help you to lose weight, rid yourself of stress, improve your immune system ease muscle and joint pain and more, and you will get it all without having to concern yourself about the typical food heat lamps used in other units. Many other units have improper spacing of heating elements or use materials like glass for the front of the sauna, both of which can contribute to heat loss, so you do not get the best health benefits.

See the Health Difference

When you are doing your research so that you can find the good health saunas that will be right for you, make sure you look at what we have to offer here at Health Mate Sauna. You will find detailed articles and information, along with the health benefits and why our saunas can be the best choice for you, all at our website. You can also examine the different saunas we offer, see their features, and find out more about pricing information and zero percent interest financing. You can also call us at (877) 595-3221 and speak with one of our representatives so you can find out more about how our 40 years of experience in the industry help to make us the right choice.

The Benefits of Good Health Saunas

When we say we offer good health saunas,” that has multiple definitions. Yes, it means that the saunas we offer are designed to provide your body with better health. Rather than the food heat plants (which many so-called “infrared spas” actually use), ours use genuine, infrared lights. These give you all of the health benefits you would want from a sauna without any potential of getting second-degree burns or anything like that. Additionally, there are specific health benefits that our saunas can provide. Everyone’s sauna experience is different, just as their bodies are different. But, our thousands of customers all across the world can tell you how their saunas have made them feel better.

good health saunas

Good Health Saunas for Relaxation

Relaxation is among the most common reasons that people put our saunas in their homes. You can kick back in one of our saunas and literally feel your pains and worries evaporate. Think of all of the lengths you go to to “de-stress” after work. Maybe you have a drink, maybe you eat something comforting, perhaps you do a puzzle, something like that – our saunas take your relaxation to a higher level. You can leave a sauna feeling refreshed, without any of the negative side effects associated with other methods of relaxation. After all, no one ever stepped out of a sauna saying: “geez, that didn’t do anything for my worries and concerns. I’m actually more anxious now.” A sauna is a way to cleanse yourself of the day, giving yourself an opportunity to start over tomorrow.


The worries and concerns of the day aren’t the only things you can get rid of when you’re in one of our saunas. Our patented Tecoloy heaters can cause you to sweat quite a bit very quickly. That can help you to flush out all of those toxins that may be sitting in your body. Most of us don’t realize the sheer, staggering number of metal, pesticides, and other harmful toxins that are just squatting in your body, causing damage. By sweating so much, sweating in the extreme (but safe) way that a Tecoloy heater can cause you to, you can flush out those toxins for good. We’re all looking for ways to live healthier, but even the most conscientious person might not be aware of everything they’ve taken in. Our saunas are a powerful detox method.

Weight Loss and More

We’re all busy. Everyone would like to fit in a workout, but with our schedules, that isn’t exactly feasible. Between our families, jobs, social lives and more, getting to the gym or going for a run as much as we would like can be difficult, if not flat-out impossible. Enter our saunas: they generate enough to heat that they can reasonably recreate the same cardiovascular effect as running. Better still, you’re sitting down the entire time. You can learn more about what our saunas can do for your body and your life when you give us a call at (877) 595-3221.

The Key to Developing a Healthier Metabolism

Tips On A Healthier Metabolism

You always hear people rambling on and on about their metabolism, how fast or how slow it is, and the many things they are doing on a daily basis in order to have theirs be a healthier one. Everyone and their fitness trainer will tell you they have a way to improve upon their metabolism, and these methods will often involve some kind of highly specific diet or some new niche exercise trend. However, these are only one of the ways through which you can help your body’s metabolism grow healthier. These range from, yes, dieting, to perhaps taking up routine sauna use, so your journey towards a healthier metabolism doesn’t have to be as tedious and difficult as you might think.

healthier metabolism

Adopt a Healthier Diet

In order to better regulate your own metabolism, it is often recommended to eat less food more often. What does that mean? Well, that instead of eating three large meals throughout the day, it could be better to eat six smaller meals. There are many ways to determine how many calories someone of your age, body shape, and gender should eat. Once you do so, you can divide this as evenly as possible across the six meals. This way your body is getting a more regular influx of food instead of three spikes. Be sure to include lots of protein in order to have the energy to properly digest the food and improve upon your metabolic rate.

Exercise Routinely 

Exercising is key when maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for it helps keep your metabolism running properly. This does not necessarily mean that you have to adopt daily heavy exercise routines, but small changes to your everyday life, such as walking more or taking the stairs, can actively help your metabolic rate go faster, simply because your body is using up more energy on a daily basis. And don’t just limit yourself to cardio exercises like jogging. Strength exercises such as lifting weights, squatting, and lunging are great ways to boost your metabolic performance and offset the loss of muscle mass we are subject to as we age. 

Try Regularly Using an Infrared Sauna

Many people aren’t actually aware of the positive effects of saunas on one’s metabolism. The effects of regular sauna use have been compared to those of running. This is because of the regulation of your body temperature, the toxins released through sweating, and the energy released by the infrared heat. The rise of your core body temperature allows for your lymphatic, cardiovascular, and immune systems to release fat-based sweat and improve upon your efforts towards a healthier metabolism. An infrared sauna is a long-term investment in your own health.

Saunas Help you Develop a Healthier Metabolism

For forty years, Health Mate has been one of the best selling infrared sauna distributors, offering only the best possible products and leaving behind an outstanding rate of customer satisfaction. We can guarantee that, if diet and exercise aren’t delivering the results you want, an infrared sauna will build on your routine to boost your metabolism to the level you desire. Call us at (800) 946-6001 for a free quote!

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