Perfect Home Infrared Sauna: Improvement When You Want

Convenience. That’s what so many of us are looking for in so many different facets of our lives. Our phones and mobile devices allow us to connect to the people in our lives as well as the internet in ways that were science fiction just a few short years ago. You can listen to more different kinds of music and see more kinds of movies and TV shows with just a few presses of a button that you could ever before. In modern life, many of us want something when we want when we want it. We believe that you should have that same kind of convenience in an infrared sauna, too. That’s just one of the reasons that we’ve designed a perfect home infrared sauna that can truly fit in your home. 

Home Infrared Sauna: Truly Yours 

Sitting in the sauna at the gym can be great after a long workout. However, you usually aren’t sitting in there with just the sauna. There can be plenty of other people, in fact, there can be a lot of other people. Putting this gently, they may not be as dedicated to their hygiene and health as you might prefer. In a public sauna, they could be listening to their music or having a conversation, both at truly loud volumes. Moreover, you can control a lot of things, but you can’t control the schedule of your gym. They might be closed early in the morning, late at night, or even if they are a 24 hour facility, the sauna could be closed for any number of reasons. When you have an infrared sauna in your home, you don’t have to worry about any of this. 

perfect home infrared sauna

Your Sauna, Your Schedule 

When a sauna is in your home, it’s yours to do with as you please. Many of our customers get into their sauna first thing in the morning. Before they’ve even had their morning coffee, they go into our sauna and get a good sweat going to face the day. In fact, many of our customers have told us that going into their sauna has actually replaced their morning coffee. Of course, you don’t have to be a morning person to get plenty of use out of our saunas. So many of our customers use their saunas at night. You may be familiar with stepping into a sauna after a tough workout; now imagine getting into a sauna after a long day at work, or after a big meal. The truth is, when you have a sauna, you don’t need a reason to use it. You can just want to feel better. 

A Perfect Home Infrared Sauna for All Seasons 

Winter can be quite cold. Going out for a run in the cold (or really, just being out in the cold for a few minutes) can leave you quite chilly indeed. Instead of cranking up the heat in your home, you could step into our home infrared sauna for a moment and get warm fast. For more, check out our site or call (877) 595-3221.

Visit a Sauna Bar or Get a Home Infrared Sauna? We Weigh In

Infrared saunas are changing the ways in which we take care of ourselves. In addition to the more common types of saunas, such as steam ones, these are providing an alternative that can accommodate those who have trouble with the heat and humidity commonly present in saunas. This new heating technology, which takes into account comfort and control over the environment, has been made more and more available through public spa venues and even in the form of a home infrared sauna. If you are undecided over which option would suit you bet, here’s a quick breakdown.

The Case for Infrared Sauna Bars

Just like with other kinds of saunas, there are plenty of infrared saunas out there for you to visit regularly. Some gyms, social clubs, and even YMCAs will have access to these, but it is a lot more common to find establishments dedicated specifically to this type of saunas. These places are usually referred to as “infrared sauna bars” or “infrared spas”. If you live in a large enough city, you are sure to find one, and they are even starting to pop in smaller ones too due to the growing popularity of the technology. While these can be great places for you to visit if you are curious about infrared saunas and want to try them out, these might end up being quite inconvenient if you want to make regular use of them

a home infrared sauna

Think about it this way. If you are undergoing a short treatment and a part of it involves infrared saunas, then sure, visiting an infrared sauna bar is a great option. However, if you want to make more of a habit out of it, you might want to consider other alternatives. You don’t want to keep having to go to a public place and constantly pay money in order to keep using an infrared sauna. Why do that, after all, when you can have your very own home infrared sauna?

The Case for Home Infrared Saunas

With a home infrared sauna, you are not just acquiring a new hot room. You’re granting yourself unlimited and unrestricted access to a healthy and comforting habit. Why bother with public places full of strangers and membership fees when you can access the countless benefits of infrared sauna technology in your own home? Unlike conventional steam saunas, infrared ones are not complicated to incorporate or install in your home. They are convenient add-ons that don’t involve plumbing or refurbishing. If you have an empty space in your house, bet that a spare room or your basement, a home infrared sauna can easily go there.

Getting a Home Infrared Sauna of Your Own

At Health Made, we want to make infrared sauna technology accessible to everyone who’s seeking to take on the habit of working on themselves through it. We have plenty of financing options available for you to purchase any of our wide variety of home infrared saunas, which you can check out by browsing through our website. For more information about our plans or about the benefits of getting a home infrared sauna, contact one of our representatives by calling us at (877) 595-3221.

Home Infrared Sauna: Health on Your Terms

How many times have you had something delicious to eat somewhere and then thought: “there has to be a way I can make this at home”? Whether you’re eating something healthy at a restaurant, or an incredible dish at someone’s house when you can make it on your own, that allows you to partake of it more often. You’ll save more money making it on your own in your own home than you would be going out to eat it. If it’s an especially healthy dish, then you’ll be able to get those health benefits at any time, which can help you to live an even healthier lifestyle. That same reasoning goes for a home infrared sauna. When you have your own sauna, you can get those health benefits whenever. 


A Home Infrared Sauna You Can Trust 


Some people are a little reticent, at first, about having a sauna in their home. This is understandable: saunas can get warm, they may seem like some kind of new technology, and there can be a bit of apprehension about bringing those into the place where you live. That’s why we designed our saunas to be as safe as possible for homes. You can even put them on carpet if you like. Our saunas can fit practically anywhere in your home so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of a sauna safely. 

home infrared sauna

A Sauna for Your Immune System 


It’s easy to lose track of just how many threats your immune system has to deal with in a given day. Sure, our immune systems are resilient and powerful, but they have to fight so much in a given day. With a sauna in your home, it’s like you’re giving them reinforcements. Think about all of the pollution in the air, toxic metals in the water, pesticides, PCBs in plastics, GMOs and everything else that we don’t know about — your immune system is outnumbered and outgunned at best. By having a sauna in your home, you can help your immune system out. Instead of taking on all of those things alone, your sauna can fight alongside your immune system. It can clear out all of the toxins, metals, pesticides, and plenty of other negative things in your body. 


Supercharge Weight Loss 


If you’re like so many of us, you do everything you can to lose weight, eating right, working out, and so forth. While all of that is important to your health, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll lose the weight you want to lose. Even if you do everything right, even if you’re in great, healthy shape, you may not be able to lose the weight you want in specific parts of your body. A home infrared sauna gives you one more way to be able to burn weight in a healthy, safe manner. Better still, recovering in an infrared sauna at home can help your body to heal for your next workout. To get started with a sauna, call us at (877) 595-3221.

The Advantages of Having Your Own Home Infrared Sauna

A lot of us have considered the option of getting our own personal sauna for our home. However, the idea might initially seem too inconvenient or simply too much. However, it doesn’t have to be! A home infrared sauna is a great, albeit unconventional way of having your own personal sauna that’s efficient, easy to maintain, and still provides the health benefits of regular saunas. If you aren’t convinced because of how foreign the technology sounds or how superfluous the idea might seem, hear us out. You might be on to something interesting and new if you give a home infrared sauna a chance.

Convenient and Inexpensive Upkeep

The idea of personal saunas sounds great until you have to consider their size. Well, worry not! Home infrared saunas are actually very manageable in terms of size, especially because, unlike other kinds of saunas, they don’t require an entire room dedicated to them. Additionally, they can be placed both inside and outside for added convenience. Not to mention that they don’t consume as much energy as, say, steam or electrical stove saunas. A home infrared sauna is easy to accommodate, to maintain, and to use without any sort of additional materials and excessive amounts of money poured into their everyday use.

Home Infrared Sauna

Temperature Control

A common problem that a lot of people have with traditional saunas is the temperature levels. People with lower heat tolerance will have trouble comfortably using them for a significant period of time because their modus operandi does not allow for reasonable temperature control. You control the temperature by means of regulating the humidity in the room, rendering it very imprecise and confusing. With a home infrared sauna, you can manually control the temperature you want the sauna to be at with an electronic pad. The technology, which heats the body instead of the room, also allows for lower temperatures to achieve the same feeling of relaxation and comfort regular saunas do.  

Tangible Health Benefits

Saunas have been used for therapeutic and healing practices for a long time, but infrared sauna technology has finally allowed for the benefits to be made available without the hassle, expense, and discomfort of other types of saunas. They act as natural pain relievers and help the body detox itself from harmful substances our skin absorbs by means of sweating. Infrared saunas also help in weight loss journeys by subjecting the body to controlled sweating and calorie burning through infrared heat. The induction of an artificial fever through the infrared heat also allows the immune system to strengthen itself and help you combat sickness more easily. There are many ways in which a home infrared sauna can help you improve upon your own health through regular use.

Buy Your Home Infrared Sauna with Health Mate

If you are looking for variety and ease in your home infrared sauna purchase, Health Mate has got you covered. You can easily purchase your own infrared sauna through us and get to enjoy it as soon as possible. Just find the one that is calling your name and reach out to us! You won’t regret this investment on your own health.