Essential Comfort

Personal Comfort Where Space Is At A Premium

The Essential Comfort, Health Mate’s revolutionary Dome Sauna, is designed for a single user to enjoy the full benefits of infrared heating anywhere there’s space to lie down. Perfect for apartment living, at-home gyms, or even yoga studios, this high-impact, small-footprint sauna can collapse to half its size for easy storage. It features low-EMF from 7 heat pads that connect to 2 heat sources, a separate controller for time and temp, along with comfortable, contoured cushioned padding with a memory foam headrest, all affordably priced.

Space-Conscious Design

We know there’s a sauna for every space, which is why this Essential Comfort is available for those who have limited living areas or want the option of portability. The dome design lends a cozy feeling to your infrared experience, and the ease of storing is an added bonus.

Ultra Low EMF

All of our saunas, including the Essential Comfort, are equipped with low EMF technology, ensuring you get the greatest infrared benefits at the safest levels possible. Low EMF applies not just to the 7 heat pads, but also to the controller and electrical components. Health Mate’s 3rd party EMF report supports our safety standards and provides full transparency of our leading technology.

Wellness For Everyone

An investment in your health doesn’t need to be a burden on your budget, which is why Health Mate created the Essential series. You’ll still get the invaluable benefits infrared therapy provides with this Essential Comfort as you lay back and experience the convenience that comes with having a home sauna.

Product Specifications


  • 110V/120V/220V/230V 50/60Hz
  • Max Power: 960W
  • Pad Only: 100-120V or 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Max Power: 380W


  • Dimensions: adjustable up to 69’’(175cm) X 28’’(71cm) X 18’’(46cm)
  • Pad Only: 71’’(180cm) X 27’’(70cm) X 1.4’’(4cm)
  • Packing Dimensions: 19” x 27” x 37”
  • Weight: 37 Ibs. (30.4kg)


  • Chamber with Low EMF heaters
  • Meta pad with Low EMF heaters


  • Control Box
  • Memory Comfort Pad with Hemp Cover
  • Memory Pillow
  • Dual Memory Foam Covers
  • Towel

The Essential Comfort sauna takes advantage of smaller living areas, nooks or room corners and easily collapses for added portability and storage when not in use.

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