Essential Lounge

A Half Sauna With Full Infrared Benefits

Health Mate’s Essential Lounge half sauna is designed to provide the same desirable infrared benefits of a walk-in model at a fraction of the cost—and size! This low-EMF, semi-reclining sauna fits anywhere space is at a premium, like apartments or wellness clinics. It’s small enough to move from one room to another or out of the way to make space for guests. Take a seat, lean back, and enjoy the healing warmth.

Space-Conscious Design

We know there’s a sauna for every lifestyle, which is why this Essential Lounge is available for those who have limited living areas or want to multi-task while getting their sweat on. The enclosed seating design adds a cozy feeling to your infrared experience, and the small footprint won’t overwhelm your floor space.  

Superior Quality

Durability, craftsmanship, and safety are at the forefront of every single product we make. The Essential Lounge is no exception, from the solid eucalyptus wood, including a unique reclining backrest, to premier heating components. Our 5-stage quality control process ensures you get a superior product. Health Mate takes its 40 plus years of manufacturing experience seriously as we continue to lead the industry in infrared sauna development. 

Ultra Low EMF

All our saunas, including the Essential Lounge, are equipped with low EMF technology, ensuring you get the greatest infrared benefits at the safest levels possible. Low EMF applies not just to its 3 heaters, but also to the controllers and electrical components. Health Mate’s 3rd party EMF report supports our safety standards and provides full transparency of our leading technology.

Wellness For Everyone

An investment in your health doesn’t need to be a burden on your budget, which is why Health Mate created the Essential series. You’ll still get the invaluable benefits of  infrared therapy with the added convenience that comes with having a home sauna. 

Product Specifications


  • 110V / 946 watts / 15 amps
  • Plugs into a standard outlet


  • Exterior: 29"W x 46"L x 32"D
  • Interior: 26"W x 29"L x 41"D


  • TruInfra™ carbon infrared
  • Tecoloy™ S series on front wall and bench.
PSE certificationCE certificationIC certificationIntertek certificationIntertek listed ETL certification

Personal sauna for 1? The Essential Lounge is ideal in a limited space yet still offers powerful infrared to help you relax, restore, and recover.

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