Does Infrared Ease Autoimmune Disease?

Have you ever owned a treadmill or exercise bike only to have it turn into a clothes rack months later? For fitness equipment to be effective, it takes personal commitment, motivation, and energy. Owning personal exercise equipment adds extra convenience when the goal is to prevent illness and build strength or endurance. But what if […]
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chronic pain relief from infrared

Can Infrared Therapy Treat Chronic Pain?

Ever wanted to go for a dip in the fountain of youth? You’re not alone! Maybe the thought was prompted by a pulled muscle or a neck strain, a reminder that you weren’t as young as you once were. Everyone has experienced some similar at some point, and as we age we are more susceptible […]
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To Your Good Health – Saunas that Heal

“To your health!” alongside “Cheers,”–the words that people are most likely to say at a toast. Of course, as of this time of this writing (holidays) many of the drinks we toast each other with aren’t always the healthiest. There’s nothing wrong with that; it is the holidays, ll, one of the most celebrated times […]
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