Embrace Summer Heat Using Infrared

Woman detoxing in towel in Inspire 3 sauna

As summer temperatures climb and the allure of water beckons, it’s time to relish the outdoors, basking in the beauty of beaches, lakes, rivers, and pools. While many sauna enthusiasts might abandon their infrared sessions for cooler activities during this season, think again! A good way to embrace summer heat is—using infrared!

Better Heat Tolerance

With summer temperatures seemingly on the rise every year, even the most heat-tolerant individuals might find it challenging to stay comfortable outdoors. Seeking refuge in air-conditioned spaces becomes inevitable. However, regular use of an infrared sauna can significantly improve your endurance in warm weather or heated environments. Just a 20–30-minute session can work wonders, allowing you to better acclimate to high temperatures, both indoors and outdoors.

A recent U.S. study from 2021 highlights that frequent sauna use enhances the body’s ability to handle heat and adapt to future exposures, thanks to a phenomenon known as hormesis. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will notice even more significant benefits, as increased heat endurance leads to improved performance, reduced fatigue, and faster recovery.

Stay Hydrated with H-2-O

Hydration is crucial when experiencing heat exposure, and the same applies to sauna sessions. Properly hydrating before and during an infrared sauna session is essential, as the heat will induce sweating, resulting in fluid loss. Replenishing these fluids is necessary to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Water is the best option, but sports drinks with electrolytes can also be beneficial to replace lost minerals.

Boost Your Immunity

You don’t have to wait until fall or winter to strengthen your immune system. Infrared saunas can help enhance your immune defenses during the summer months. As your core temperature rises, your cells respond with an immune boost, akin to the body’s response to a fever. Combining sauna use with a healthy diet and regular exercise can work wonders for maintaining good health all year round.

Instead of letting your sauna gather dust during the summer, seize the opportunity to prioritize your well-being. Regular infrared sauna sessions can lead to increased heat tolerance, improved endurance, better hydration, and a bolstered immune system. Why not sail through winter without a single sniffle?

man sitting in his enrich 2 health mate infrared sauna

Health Mate offers a wide range of saunas, from portable options with a smaller footprint to larger models for social sauna sessions with friends. There’s an affordable sauna to suit every lifestyle, making it easier than ever to integrate this wellness-enhancing practice into your summer routine.

So, as the mercury rises, don’t shy away from the heat – embrace it with the many benefits of an infrared sauna. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the rejuvenating and health-boosting aspects of sauna sessions.