Why Are Tecoloy Heaters So Great?

Tecoloy heaters enhance the sweating process for detox in infrared saunas

Health and fitness are so much a part of many people’s everyday lifestyles that home gyms and workout equipment are more common than ever. Plus, working out in your own living room is easy, thanks to online memberships and personal training apps. And, just as fitness has become more home-centered, infrared sauna ownership has also become more popular. What sets each sauna apart the most is the infrared heaters. Some are carbon, and some, like most of Health Mate’s saunas, feature Tecoloy. But, why are Tecoloy heaters so great?

Health Mate strives to provide the safest and most effective infrared heat in a sauna. That’s why we developed and patented our own Tecoloy™ heaters featured in the majority of our models. It’s a key aspect that sets us apart from other sauna vendors.


Health Mate Tecoloy heaters are more emmisive that carbon panels


What Is A Tecoloy Heater?

Health Mate relied on German engineering to design a unique, dual-wave micron infrared heater. This Tecoloy™ heater offers the highest watt density of any other infrared heater on the market. It’s also considered a medical-grade heater, deemed safe and non-toxic. The heaters are manufactured by Baker Heating Technologies, a leading U.S. heating company.

What does dual-wave mean? Great question.

Infrared heat comes in a spectrum of wavelengths. The dual micron waves produce a wider than the typical range of emissions, considered full-circle heat. That 360-degree heat emits both mid- and far-range infrared. They are shaped to redirect and reflect infrared radiation to reach the interior of the sauna from multiple angles, heating you more evenly. This means your body reaches a high core temperature quickly at the highest level of penetration.



Unlike steam saunas that surround the air with heat, this state-of-the-art technology delivers penetrating wavelengths that also ensure you’ll sweat more and sweat faster at a lower temperature. Tecoloy™ heaters reached desired temps quicker than most saunas, so you can start your session sooner.

How Long Do Tecoloy Heaters Last?

Once you purchase an infrared sauna, you want it to last, right? Saunas can be considered a substantial investment. Health Mate prides itself on providing the highest quality and most durable sauna materials available, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

For more than forty years we’ve been manufacturing our own saunas in our own factory. In fact, for years we made the very saunas our competitors sold until their models and approach changed.

The typical sauna relies on carbon heaters that last about 10 years, maybe longer with extra care. That may seem like a long time, but we knew it could be better. Lots of time and research went into our proprietary Tecoloy, made from incoloy and alloy, to ensure they would last 15-20 years or more. For most of us, that’s longer than our cars!

We’re thrilled when a customer reports back that they’ve owned their Health Mate sauna for decades. Generally, minor parts are all that need replacing to continue use. Additionally, our Tecoloy™ heaters are part of the Health Mate warranty, which covers them for a lifetime.

Tecoloy and Full Spectrum Infrared

The term full spectrum originated with Health Mate, which simply means an infrared experience that combines all three levels of wavelengths—near, mid, and far. To deliver full-spectrum infrared we combine our Tecoloy heaters with a near-infrared LED panel. Near-infrared produces an effective form of infrared heat called chromotherapy, or light therapy.

You may have read about the benefits of light therapy, including Red light. Medical and scientific studies have shown it improves our cellular function. Each of the varied colors in light therapy has its own benefits.

This near-infrared light and heat combined with the mid- and far-infrared in a sauna result in a complete infrared therapy session. You can experience a host of benefits from the full spectrum.

Importance of Low EMF

One of the biggest concerns with infrared heat is the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emitted since EMFs at certain levels can be considered harmful. Many scientific studies have been done to determine what is harmful. Fortunately, they’ve concluded that non-ionizing radiation produced by infrared saunas is considered safe, posing no significant health risk.

Simply put, non-ionizing or Low EMF can heat an object safely, while X-rays or longer exposure to ultraviolet rays can be harmful. If you’ve ever gotten sunburned, you’re familiar.

An objective 3rd party conducted a test of our own heaters in order to ensure our saunas are within safe ranges of infrared emissions. All of our Health Mate saunas are considered low EMF.

Radiation surrounds us daily, via cell phones, kitchen appliances, and of course, the sun. We encourage you to stay educated and review a more detailed explanation about low EMF saunas at your convenience.

Health Mate has been in the infrared sauna business for more than 40 years. We’ll continue innovating sauna technology because preventive health care is the sensible approach to wellness. After all, it’s more fun sitting in a sauna than in a doctor’s office, right?

Learn more about which infrared sauna to buy by reviewing our models, and contact our sauna specialists to get additional pricing and details.