Your Secret Weapon For Muscle Recovery

As we age we realize that one of the most important things to focus on when it comes to our health is maintaining our muscles and flexibility. Strength training can be one of the key factors in ensuring your longevity. And while using weights or resistance training to build and maintain strength is part of a good routine, there’s another factor–recovery. Everyone from everyday fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes can benefit from infrared saunas as a tool post-workout. It turns out, they’re your secret weapon for muscle recovery.

Get The Circulation Going

Once you’ve finished a sport or fitness routine, you’ll need to do a proper warm-down. Working out can cause microscopic damage to your muscle fibers. That is why you may feel sore after your workouts. This is sometimes referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. The damage from working out eventually heals and your muscles get stronger and bigger. However, the soreness after working out ranges from mild to intense and may last days depending on how severe.

Using a sauna after your workout can help reduce the recovery time of your muscles. Saunas help increase blood circulation which carries oxygen-rich blood cells to oxygen-depleted muscles to enhance their recovery. The sauna also helps relieve muscle tension helping your body make the most of its healing abilities.

There are benefits to using a sauna after working out, however, it’s important to correctly use the sauna to your advantage. Keep your sauna sessions short, no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. If you are new to using the sauna, try shorter intervals in the 10 to 15-minute range.

Since your body is already depleted from your workout, staying in the sauna for more than the recommended time can cause you to dehydrate and over-exert. Those who regularly use saunas can tolerate longer times, but the most important thing is to listen to your body. Always drink plenty of water before and even during a sauna session.

Treating Injury

Runner’s knee, tendonitis, pickle ball elbow, ankle sprains, muscle pulls–yikes! While plenty of benefits result from sports and physical activity, there are sometimes injuries along the way. Even with proper warm-up and cool-down practices, accidents can happen.

Fortunately, infrared saunas can improve your body’s rate of healing. Just like the heat helps maintain your muscle’s flexibility and ensures better recovery, the deep penetration of far infrared can expedite cell rejuvenation. This aids in the repair of muscles and tendons.woman rubbing her neck

For prolonged injuries, regular sauna sessions can be the saving grace that keeps pain at bay. Chronic pain sufferers have found infrared makes a great addition to their healing regimen. This finding is backed by science, including a study conducted in the Netherlands.

Beyond Recovery

To stay in good shape, diet and nutrition, sleep, and mental rejuvenation all play a role, as does proper exercise. But one thing that makes infrared saunas especially helpful when it comes to maintaining peak performance is muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

Beyond recovery, infrared sauna sessions can also help alleviate anxiety, and induce better sleep.

Plus, even if you take a break from fitness, sauna therapy will benefit your health. It’s an ideal way to keep your circulation, cardio function, and blood pressure at safe levels. Your metabolism benefits and even your skin! As always, consult your medical advisor if you have any health issues or concerns before using a sauna.

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