Enhance Your Sauna Experience With Aromatherapy

couple enjoying some downtime in a sauna

You’ve seen essential oils in many forms over the years. They come in tiny bottles for topical use to blend into moisturizers or to add to bath water. Also, they’re sold in diffusers to brighten or calm the vibe in a room. Additionally, cleaning products sometimes incorporate them as a natural alternative to synthetic scents. However, one of our favorite ways to use them is to enhance our sauna experience with aromatherapy.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits essential oils impart by incorporating them into your sauna therapy sessions. To begin, add a few drops of your favorite oil to a small container or

Aroma Therapy Cup mounted on heater to emit soothing essential oil aromas

an aromatherapy cup. The oil will release its properties and scent as the heat intensifies, infusing your surroundings. Start with a small amount, and you can always add from there.

What Oils Are Good For Sauna Sessions?

There’s a huge variety of essential oils on the market, and each has its own beneficial properties. Do want to feel energized or relaxed? Are you looking to reduce inflammation, heal, or clear your sinuses? Learn about the options that will help with all of that and more!

a kit of various essential oils

Here are some suggested essential oils to use for your sauna aromatherapy.

  • Cedarwood– This popular essential oil is often used to deodorize spaces and repel insects. Additionally, it helps improve concentration, ease tension, and promote better sleep. It can even prevent mildew!
  • Lavender– Lavender has a sweet, floral smell and has been widely used as a homeopathic remedy to help relieve stress and anxiety Also, it can heal minor burns and bug bites.
  • Lemon– This classic, citrusy oil is associated with freshness and cleanliness. Not surprisingly, it imparts many benefits including enhanced immune function, bacterial fighting, improved clarity, and much more.
  • Peppermint – This oil is often used in teas or as a topical for healing. Additionally, it can relax and soothe muscles, promote sweating, and help eliminate itching. Plus, much like eucalyptus oil, it has menthol properties. It can also help with headaches.
  • Orange – A more flowery citrus than lemon, orange can enhance circulation and reduce acne, and it’s antifungal as well. Orange oil tends to be very uplifting and energizing

Can I Combine Oils?

Once you experiment with the various oils in the sauna, you may find you enjoy more than one or two. For starters, try using your favorites together! Here are some popular combinations:

  • Calming: Lavender & Bergamot, Orange & Frankincense, Marjoram & Chamomile
  • Energy: Peppermint & Orange, Cinnamon & Lemon, Orange & Peppermint
  • Focus: Cinnamon & French Basil, Juniper Berry & Wild Orange, Lime & Eucalyptus
  • Skin: Eucalyptus & Peppermint oil mix well with Tea Tree Oil

person mixing essential oils in a mugThere is no wrong combination. Experiment and create your own. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference! Aromatherapy is a beneficial practice and can enhance your sauna therapy.

What Should I Consider When Buying Essential Oils?

So, what is essential to buying essential oils? There are a few tips on what to look for before you purchase. First, you want to ensure you get the best quality.  Additionally, you’ll want the most bang for your buck while infusing your infrared experience. Consider the following:

  • Pure vs Scented – Be sure you’re getting 100% essential oil, not a diluted version that smells like it’s combined with perfumes or other ingredients.
  • Organic – You want the most chemical-free, pesticide-free variety. And, no artificial ingredients should be listed.
  • Natural Extraction – Look for steam distilled or CO2 extraction, as these are some of the best processes used to produce oils.
  • Bottle Type – The best oils are stored in dark glass bottles, usually amber/brown or dark blue. This reduces exposure to harmful ultraviolet light that can cause degradation. Also, never buy oils stored in plastic bottles.

Overall, Health Mate encourages the use of essential oils to enhance your sauna experience because aromatherapy is a wonderful complement to infrared sessions. Before you make a sauna purchase, be sure to reach out to our sauna specialists or see our FAQ for additional information.