Health Mate Sauna Option to Fit Your Lifestyle

If you’ve ever bought clothing as a holiday gift for someone, then you know how important it is to get the size right. You don’t want something that’s too big or too small. So, if you’re like so many of us, you do what’s in your power to get it right, so that you’re giving them clothes that fit them. Here at Health Mate Sauna, we make our saunas in different sizes and types, too. That way, everyone who wants a sauna can find a sauna that fits their life and lifestyle. 

Health Mate Sauna: Renew 1

The Renew 1 sauna is exactly what it sounds like: it renews one person. This is a true personal sauna. This isn’t a sauna originally designed for more people that we’re just re-branding as a “one person sauna.” No, this is a true, genuine one-person sauna. That means that if you’re getting into this sauna solo, it will fit you perfectly. A great way to start the day, end the day, or just improve the day at any other time of the day, this sauna is a truly restorative experience for one person. It can fit into basically any kind of home or apartment, making this perhaps the easiest sauna to fit into your life. 

Two Person Saunas 

Many of our customers are couples. A two person sauna can be a tremendous experience for both. You can both get all of the pain relief. You can both feel that healing heat, melting the aches and concerns of the day away. So many of our customers have told us about how a two person sauna has become an important, looked-forward-to part of their daily routine. In our hectic, modern lives, it can be so difficult to find that time to just sit down and be yourself with your partner. Getting into one of these Health Mate Sauna, bonding and strengthening your relationship while the heat helps your body can be one incredibly positive experience. 

Health Mate Sauna

Three Person Saunas 

You can get into the sauna with the whole family, friends, and everyone else. These saunas don’t limit you to one or just two people. These three person saunas can make healing and pain relief a truly communal experience. In fact, many of our customers use them as a true family affair — the parents and a kid get in, one parent and multiple kids, and so forth. Everyone should be able to get the pain relief and more that they’re looking for. 

The Right Health Mate Sauna for You 

We understand that, if you’re just getting started with saunas, it can all seem a bit confusing or even intimidating at first. That’s where we come in. We’re always glad to talk to prospective customers about the right sauna to meet their needs. At our site, you can find detailed information about each of the Health Mate Sauna we offer, as well as their technology, creation, and so forth. For more information, you can give us a call at (877) 595-3221.

More than Just a Sauna for Sale

In culture, a sauna is often associated with opulence, with wealth. Getting a sauna could be seen as something for the aristocracy, while the rest of us make do with the one at the gym or hotel. However, that’s just not true. We have Health Mate Saunas that are not only priced reasonably, but there’s also financing available, too. So, you can find a sauna that fits into your life as well as your budget. That said, when you get a sauna from us, you’re getting more than a sauna. We pride ourselves on not just offering a sauna for sale, but rather improved health. 

A Sauna for You 

The sauna at the gym can be helpful. For many, that’s the first kind of sauna that we enter. It’s where plenty of us fell in love with the idea of a sauna. However, that’s a sauna that’s on a schedule. Even if you go to a gym or other kind of facility that’s open 24/7/365, you’re still subject to their whims. It could be that their sauna needs maintenance at certain times, or that it’s closed at some times even when the rest of the facility is open. Moreover, there could be a line of people at the sauna. It could be packed. A sauna can provide solitude, reflection, a chance to look back at what happened during the day and dream about tomorrow. It’s hard for any of that to take place when the person next to you is blasting their music. You can make one of our saunas yours, and then you can use it whenever you want. 

sauna for sale

Sauna for Sale: Sauna Financing 

Health Mate Saunas can improve your health in a variety of ways. We built them to help people, to feel better, to move better, and improve their general quality of life. As an extension of that, we want as many people to be able to use these saunas as possible. To that end, we offer different kinds of financing. We believe that if you want a sauna in your home, you should be able to get one. We can work with you on this financing, so that you can get a plan that works for you and your budget. Depending on when you read this, the holidays may have passed, but you can get a sauna as a gift for someone at any time of the year or for yourself. 

A Sauna to Match Your Needs 

A Health Mate Sauna gives you more than just a sauna. For example, inside the sauna, there’s a safe mp3/Bluetooth player. That means that you can play any music or podcast that you want. Many of our customers tell us how great this is for focusing. Have you ever tried to listen to a song or a podcast only to be assaulted by a million little distractions? Well, there are no distractions inside one of our Health Mate Saunas. See how sauna for sale can fit into your life by checking out our site or calling (877) 595-3221.

A Health Mate Sauna for a Healthier You

Are you coming home every day from work feeling spent, sore, and exhausted? The long hours you put in working, combined with your commute back and forth, do little to make your body feel good. When you add that on to the stress you may feel each day, the chores to do at home, and everything else in your life, it may seem like no matter what you do, you never feel better or have a moment of peace. Even sleeping may have become a challenge for you. There is a change you can make in your life that can help you turn things around. Investing in a personal Health Mate sauna can help restore your health and have you feeling better.

A Sauna Relaxes and Relieves

If you have never had the experience of being in a sauna, then you do not know what you are missing. A sauna provides you with levels of controlled heat that can give you instant relaxation. Those tired aches and pains that you feel will just melt away as you relax in the sauna. You will find that with regular use, you do not suffer from those cramps in your legs, an achy back, or even the tension headaches that you may have to deal with. Spending time in your sauna will help increase your heart rate and blood flow so that you have better circulation, making it possible for your muscles to restore and revitalize.

Health Mate sauna

A Healthy Sweat from Health Mate

Stepping into a Health Mate sauna will get you sweating right away, and in this case, that sweat is a good thing for you. Sweat is the way our body naturally controls and regulates temperature, but sweating is also an excellent way for you to get rid of excess water weight you may be carrying around. Because of the increased heart rate you experience in the sauna, you will find you sweat more and burn calories, assisting in weight loss. This sweating is also a great way for you to get rid of the toxins you have in your body. Everything from the air we breathe to the foods we eat has chemicals and toxins. Using a sauna helps you shed these from your body, allowing you to feel better and look healthier.

Health Mate is the Right Choice

If you want a sauna for your home so you can begin to feel better and live a healthier life, turn to us at Health Mate Sauna to get the best. Since 1979, we have manufactured and sold saunas. Our company is at the forefront of the industry, using the latest technology to make saunas better, safer, and more reliable. You can learn more about us, our process, and the various saunas we offer when you visit our website. To get more details about a specific product, or to place an order, just phone us at (877) 595-3221. You can speak with one of our sales experts and discuss the sauna you have an interest in so that we can arrange for you to get the best sauna on the market.

Alone Time in a One-Person Sauna

We all seem to lead much more hectic lives than we used to. With all the long hours you put in at work, you barely seem to have any time at all to yourself. Throw in the time you spend with friends and family, and you may never feel like you have a moment just to be at home and relax. Even when you do have some downtime, you may not know just what you can do to help unwind, feel better, and recharge your batteries. Maybe now is the time for you to be a bit selfish and think about splurging on something for yourself, something that will enhance your alone time, allowing you to get more out of it than ever before. Getting a one-person sauna for your home can be the answer you are seeking, and some options can be just right for you.

The Right Space for a One-Person Sauna

Your first thought may be that you will never have space for a sauna. You may have visions of what you have seen at your local spa or gym, or think about large steam rooms that take up lots of floor space. While it is true that very large saunas exist in many places, you can find kits available that are made for smaller spaces. Here at Health Mate Sauna, we offer just such a product with our “Renew” series. The sauna is made so that it is small enough to fit easily into your small home, condo, or apartment, but it still offers all the functionality and comfort you expect in a larger sauna.

one-person sauna

Ease and Affordability in a Sauna

The great thing about the one-person sauna is that you get a sauna that can be put together quickly and easily. Our Renew 1 sauna requires no tools to put together, so assembly is a snap for you. You can have it all put together and start using it all in the same day. While larger saunas may be priced far beyond what you could afford, getting a great sauna designed for one is more affordable than you think. We offer quality pricing and financing where you can get zero percent interest on your purchase if you qualify.

Let Your Sauna Life Begin

If you love the idea of having a one-person sauna inside your home so that you can have some alone time to relax, come see what we have available here at Health Mate Sauna. You can check out all the specifications of the Renew Series sauna, as well as the other saunas and accessories we have available when you visit our website. You can also use our website and the chat function so that you can speak live with a sales associate and get questions answered regarding our company, our products, financing, and more. To place an order, just give us a call toll-free at (877) 595-3221 and one of our team members can assist you. That way, we can arrange to have your sauna delivered.

Things You Don’t Have to Deal With in a Personal Sauna

Going to a sauna is great. Relaxing in a space free of distractions, sitting back and enjoying the heat, and absorbing all of the health benefits that these provide you with. However, no one likes to go through the trouble of having to get to the sauna, mostly because of how inconvenient it usually is. That is why more and more people are opting instead for a personal sauna, which gives you access to everything good about the activity while avoiding some of the most tedious ones.


Yes, strangers are the first thing anyone thinks about when the idea of a public sauna. While a lot of people are okay with it, others aren’t too keen on spending extended periods of time inside close quarters with half-naked strangers. And who can blame them? It’s just a very inherently awkward experience, which is why personal saunas have been gaining strength recently. By bypassing the middleman and providing for your own spa space, you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of strangers while you relax and absorb the many benefits of infrared sauna technology. A personal sauna allows you to enjoy some privacy in the moments when you want it the most.

a personal sauna

Fees and Memberships

While certain social clubs and gyms will grant you access to saunas, a lot of these won’t be ideal, either because they are part of a larger membership you are not interested in, or because they require an additional fee. That’s not to say anything about the costs of specialized sauna spas and bars. These can be astronomical if you are looking for an overall pleasant experience. That is one of the most common selling points for personal saunas, that you don’t have to uphold parasitic memberships in order to make use of the sauna in question. You can just purchase your own and not have to worry about how much it’s costing you, in the long run, to engage in such an activity.

Restrictions and Time Limits

When it comes to using public saunas, you will always run into the same problem: hours of operation and time limits. You can’t exactly adjust your personal and professional schedule around when you want to be able to visit a sauna, can you? The solution to this issue is to have unrestricted access to your very own personal sauna, which doesn’t abide by any rules beyond your own. You can use it whenever you want and for as long as you’d like, without worrying about whether or not the time to get there is worth it or whether you’ll make it before they close. A personal sauna will bring forth unprecedented convenience to your household.

Get a Personal Sauna Now

Allow us to introduce you to the Health Mate line of personal infrared saunas. Sporting the latest in infrared heating technology, our saunas can provide you with a customizable experience that gives you everything you want out of it and more. Look through our online catalog available on our website and call us at (877) 595-3221 if you are interested in getting these benefits for yourself.

How to Choose Between the Many Saunas Available at Health Mate

While at first mention they might not seem like everyone’s cup of tea, just about anyone can benefit from good saunas. After all, they are a great way to relieve yourself from the stress of daily life. Sitting in a warm, relaxing space definitely allows you to keep stressors and outside influences away for a while. In a sauna, you get to avoid your own phone, work, and responsibilities (at least for a while). But how to determine which ones are the best saunas for you to use? Take into consideration the following factors:

Manageable Temperature Control

The main reason for a lot of people to avoid saunas is their tolerance for heat. After all, they can get quite hot for some people, mostly because of two factors: humidity and the control over the temperature. The inherent humidity of steam saunas drives the heat up, which makes it hard for certain people to sit in them for extended periods of time, or at it least for enough time to reap the health benefits of the activity. The lack of a precise temperature control system also presents a challenge for those who have these issues and would like to experience it at a slightly lower temperature. The good thing about the infrared heat ones is that they allow the users to feel more comfortable.


Proven Health Benefits

It is always good to take a look at the proven health benefits behind each sauna. Infrareds have been shown to provide natural pain relief. Their patented Tecoloy heating technology can provide relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, and similar conditions. Additionally, they can also help fight back against cellulite, as well as joint pain caused by aging. Lastly, it can provide support to the natural immune system, allowing you to be healthier in general and prevent you from getting sick as often as possible.

Convenience and No Added Stressors

The other issue most people find with a personal sauna is the convenience. More often than not it’s necessary to look for a gym or club in order to use one for a while. Having a personal unit at home can keep that from being a problem. Not only does it give you a sense of convenience by providing you with your personal good health sauna environment. It also eliminates the stress of having to attend a sauna in a public space and share it with people you don’t know. In your own personal sauna, you don’t have to deal with others’ nudity, nor do you have to share the space with anyone else.

Find Variety and Quality in Saunas at Health Mate

At Health Mate, we want you to gain easy, affordable access to high quality saunas that use reliable technology with tangible effects. You can browse through the infrared models outlined on our website in order to learn more about how they can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Convenient, advanced, and helpful, Health Mate products can provide you with the experience you’ve been looking for.

Personal Sauna: The Height of Pleasure at Low Prices

Having your own personal sauna in your home can seem like something that only movie stars would have. It’s easy to imagine someone with tens of millions of dollars in their own sauna, sure. You might think that they have their own music pumping in, they could even have it in their home, right where they live. However, here’s the thing: it’s not just for rich people. You don’t have to be worth millions to get a sauna in your home. Here at Health Mate, we have plenty of great saunas that can make you feel like a million bucks without costing you that much. 

Personal Sauna

What a Personal Sauna Has 

Some people might have this assumption that, just because a sauna is in a home, it’s somehow “less” than a sauna you might encounter elsewhere. Our company, in fact, is built around the opposite idea. We believe that a sauna that’s inside your home should be of even higher quality than any sauna that you would find at a gym, health club, or anywhere else. So, when you get one of our saunas, you’ll find that they’re made of top-quality all-natural, whole wood that we source from sustainable growers. Indeed, that’s only the start of how we make sure that our saunas are good enough for our customers. 

Right Sauna, Right Lighting 

Too many of the sauna products that other places offer use what’s called “food lighting.” now, that might sound like a euphemism or simile, a way of saying “oh, the lighting that they use in their sauna is like the lighting that might be used to keep food warm.” No. It’s not a simile, it’s not a metaphor, nor is it a euphemism or an exaggeration: it’s the same lighting that keeps food warm. We believe that people are better than food. So they deserve a kind of heat and light that’s better than say, hot dogs spinning at a convenience store. In our saunas, we use Tecoloy heating technology, which makes sure that you get the best in heating, but that you also get the best in heating safely. 


You can live like a king without having to pay a king’s ransom simply to get a great sauna. That’s why we offer financing options on our saunas. With zero interest, we can probably work out a way for you to get the sauna that you want. See, in addition to making you feel good, these saunas can do wonderful things for your health. They can help you with pain relief, weight loss and so much more. We want more people to experience that, so that they can, quite literally, live their best life. In order to do that, we have to make sure that as many people get these saunas as possible. Really, that’s what this financing is about: helping more people enjoy the benefits of saunas. To start the process, call (714) 942-4884.

How a Personal Sauna Improves Your Life

Apersonal sauna can sound like something truly opulent or even decadent as if it’s something that only a billionaire CEO would have on his private yacht, or in a spacious mansion. The truth is that anyone can have a sauna that’s just theirs. At Health Mate Sauna, we offer reasonably priced saunas that people from all walks of life have in their homes. There are benefits to having a sauna that’s yours and yours alone. You don’t have to be a wealthy business owner to feel like a million bucks (or better) in one of our spas.

Personal Sauna Relaxation

Have you ever tried to relax in a public sauna? It can almost impossible. Even if you’re truly exhausted, after a tough workout or a long day, there’s so much in a public sauna that can keep you from really relaxing. People coming in and out, loud music, changes in temperature, loud conversations, outside noise and more – those are just a few of the examples of distractions, there are millions of others. Those are just a few of the reasons that so many people have turned towards having a sauna in their homes: they’re in control.

a Personal Sauna

In-Home Sauna = Sauna Without Distractions

When you have a sauna in your home, it’s a literal game-changer. Now, there’s no one coming in and out. There’s no music, conversation, phone calls or anything else – unless you want them. That’s really what we do: we put our customers in control of their own sauna situation. When you have a sauna in your home, you have a sauna on your terms. You choose how long you’re in there, what the temperature is, and even where the sauna is in your home. As an adult, you deserve to have a sauna that is really and truly yours.

Sauna How You Want

You can get a sauna with a reading light. Those kinds of saunas are hard to find in public. The sauna at your gym, in all likelihood, doesn’t have one, which means that you’re sitting in the dimly-lit, hazy fog at best. By that same token, so many of our customers report back to us about how their two or three-person sauna is perfect for a real conversation. If you go with your significant other, family member or very close friend to a public sauna, it can be very difficult to have a private conversation. With so many people around, shuffling in and out, it can feel like it’s impossible to say what you really want to say to someone. Our saunas, however, are perfect for saying what’s really on your mind. For many, one of the best parts of our saunas is how they can have a real, great, “deep” conversation with someone in them.

Sauna to Start or End the Day

Gyms and public saunas are often on strict time frames. Your sauna is yours to go into whenever you want: 6 AM, 3 AM, midnight, a bit after noon – whenever. To learn more about Health Mate Sauna and pick the right one for you, give us a call at (877) 595-3221.