A Personal Sauna Perfect For One

woman relaxing in Essential Comfort sauna

We all love the idea of downtime for ourselves. Sometimes that means a nap, a quick escape to the movies, or a jog around the park. Studies indicate that even short breaks can reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that shoots up during stressful periods. It’s important to reset, but what if you’re too busy to get outside or travel anywhere? Why not schedule a timeout right at home using a personal sauna that’s perfect for one person—you?

We’ve made infrared accessible for all lifestyles, budgets, and living spaces by including a portable dome sauna in our line.

Curious how a personal sauna could help? Read on.

If Space Is At A Premium

The Essential Comfort dome sauna is made of a durable, sturdy foam that is shaped to provide a cozy but not stifling enclosure. Think of it like an extra roomy sleeping bag. Rather than sitting or leaning against wood panels like most cabin saunas, you lay flat on a thick cushioned surface so you can be completely at ease as your body is enveloped in relaxing heat.

Once you’re done with your session, you can scoot your sauna to the side or compact it and store it out of the way.Dome sauna stored in corner of room

Then, when it’s time for another infrared timeout, simply reassemble in seconds on a bed or floor and enjoy. It’s an ideal option when you can’t afford the space regular modular sauna warrants.

Quality Yet Affordable Infrared

You’ve researched infrared saunas and other wellness equipment and learned the pluses and minuses of all. Maybe you’re wondering, “Will I still work up a good sweat in a dome sauna?” The answer is, yes!

Health Mate’s Essential series saunas are designed to provide mid and far-infrared heating. This means the heat penetrates beneath the skin’s surface to within your core. The dome ve/essential-saunas/rsion features 2 heat sources from 7 different heating pads, providing a complete infrared experience from head to toe. Simply set your sauna session time and temperature using the controller. The ideal temperature is about 120-130 degrees F, but always work with what’s comfortable for you. If you don’t find that you’re sweating enough, increase by increments of 5 degrees. As always, keep a towel handy.

Additionally, one of the more appealing aspects is that the dome sauna affords you the luxury of infrared at an affordable price. So, you can relax and enjoy all the health benefits without a significant hit to your wallet.

And just what are those benefits? Glad you asked.

Sauna Benefits Galore

Infrared saunas are a wellness seeker’s dream. The most popular and well-known benefit of sauna bathing is detoxification, but a personal home sauna offers more than that.

It starts with relaxation, especially if you have sore or tired muscles, backaches, or stiff shoulders. The heat feels like a warm blanket, easing tension and reducing stress. One or two deep breaths and you can settle in for a good sweat.

senior woman with neck pain

Beyond the initial detox and sweat are the often overlooked or unknown benefits. As your body sweats your pulse or heart rate will quicken. This is because the heat increases circulation naturally, in a non-invasive way that is nontoxic and nonharmful. The outcome is like a good jog. Your oxygen levels increase, and your heart gets a mini workout. You end up rejuvenated as if you’ve just exercised without the exhausting aftereffects or impact on joints. In fact, infrared is a great alternative to intense aerobic activity.

Additionally, your sauna time impacts chronic pain. If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or migraines the infrared heat can do wonders. Even after a 20-minute session, you might feel a significant decrease in discomfort. Repeated sessions have been known to help significantly.

As always, your medical advisor will know whether infrared sauna use is a viable option for your wellness regime.

Ready to get more details on how you can start enjoying a personal sauna that’s perfect for one? We have all the info you need—our Health Mate sauna specialists are available to answer questions and give you the low-down on pricing and delivery.