4 Steps For Sauna Success

Saunas have been a part of various cultures for centuries and for good reason. The health and relaxation benefits of using a sauna are well-documented. Whether you’re a seasoned infrared sauna-goer or a newbie, it’s important to know how to maximize its benefits and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Below, we’ll walk you through […]
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woman relaxing in Essential Comfort sauna

A Personal Sauna Perfect For One

We all love the idea of downtime for ourselves. Sometimes that means a nap, a quick escape to the movies, or a jog around the park. Studies indicate that even short breaks can reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that shoots up during stressful periods. It’s important to reset, but what if you’re too busy to […]
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Used vs. New Saunas: The Pros & Cons

You’re excited to own a personal infrared sauna! No more trudging to the gym, spa or IR salon. It’s the luxury health item you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy it in your own home. Nothing could be more convenient. While browsing the internet you learn there are a variety of […]
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Lean Back And Relax Using The Sauna Backrest

The Secret To Self-Care

We often lead hectic lives, and what’s a more hectic time than the holidays? You’re not only balancing work, family, and your own self-needs, but throw in some extra shopping, cooking and travel planning and—stress alert! Maybe now is the time to be a bit selfish. Think about enhancing both your mental and physical health. […]
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sauna couple

5 Tips For The Best Sauna Experience

Tony and his wife had been enjoying their recently shifted lifestyle of working remotely. However, he and his wife missed the social interaction their on-site jobs provided before the pandemic. Plus, being in one place all day left them less motivated to exercise. They decided to purchase an infrared sauna to help with some stress […]
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young couple sitting on couch with new sauna

7 Questions About Infrared Saunas

Saunas are elevating how we invest in our everyday well-being. Finding the right sauna for your health needs and lifestyle can be challenging, though. At Health Mate Sauna, we use infrared technology that offers a rejuvenating and revitalizing sauna experience, providing plenty of mental and physical benefits along the way. To help you navigate the […]
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Infrared Sauna Wood: Which Is Best?

Wood is the second most important factor to consider when choosing an infrared sauna, after heaters. Not only do wood appearances differ, but each has different properties that make it a better or worse choice for in-home saunas.   When looking at sauna woods, important factors to consider include:  Durability  Water resistance   Bacterial resistance  Toxicity/allergens  Odor  […]
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What Is A Low EMF Sauna?

Infrared saunas have become a popular staple in the wellness industry. Many people are enjoying them in their own homes! Choosing the right one can take a little research–sometimes a lot. You might be wondering about something called ‘EMFs’, or electromagnetic fields. But what exactly is a low EMF sauna and what is considered safe? […]
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