What Are Low EMF Saunas?

An Introduction to EMFs  

Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) are all around us. Everything that is electric generates an EMF. Radios, power lines, Wi-Fi routers, cellphones, televisions, microwaves, and all other electronics output at least a small amount of EMF. There is a growing curiosity regarding what these mysterious fields are, what they do, and what effects they have on us.  

There are two main types of EMF:   

  1. High-Frequency EMF: EMFs like x-rays and gamma radiation are considered to be high EMF with ionizing radiation. These have the potential to damage cells and DNA. UV rays also fall into this category, and it’s why it’s important to wear sunscreen when you go outside.   
  1. Low to Mid Frequency EMF: these are the EMFs that are more commonly produced by electronic devices, as well as infrared light and heat. This range also includes visible light. So yes: visible light is a form of EMF! Fortunately, low and mid-frequency EMFs are not known to cause any damage to cells or DNA. 


The electro magnetic spectrum showing low and high frequency EMF
Image Source: National Cancer Institute


Are EMFs Dangerous? 

A lot of research has been done on the potential health impacts of EMFs. We know High-Frequency EMFs are dangerous and that other forms of ionizing radiation can cause health issues, but is it possible for low and mid-frequency EMFs to cause problems too?  

Luckily, according to the World Health Organization, no major studies have found a link between low-frequency EMFs and any adverse health effects. Some smaller studies have found a correlation between certain specific types of low-frequency radiation and specific health outcomes (like an increased risk for childhood leukemia), but those studies haven’t been successfully replicated at a large scale or repeated in adults.   

The CDC, World Health Organization, National Cancer Institute, NIH, and numerous other medical authorities agree that low to mid-frequency EMFs (or non-ionizing radiation) is to be considered safe. For that reason, low-frequency EMFs are believed to pose no known health risks.   

However, since we’ve only been studying EMFs since the 1970s, conclusive long-term studies are still limited and our exposure to low-frequency EMFs has only gone up with the advent of the internet and personal tech.   

For that reason, some consumers are nervous about increasing their EMF exposure and try to limit their exposure to extra EMFs at home, just to be safe.   

EMFs and Saunas 

Is Infrared Radiation Dangerous? 

There is a misconception that traditional saunas don’t use infrared radiation to create heat. In fact, all heat sources emit infrared radiation—that’s why thermal cameras measure infrared light/radiation. Generally, infrared light and radiation are not considered to be dangerous.  

Thermal camera image showing infrared radiation from hands

The difference between traditional saunas and infrared saunas is how the radiation is delivered. A traditional sauna uses a heat source to warm the air, which warms your skin (and the blood flowing through it) to create the sauna-experience.  

An infrared sauna emits infrared radiation directly and is able to penetrate your skin and muscles, warming you from the inside out. This means the air doesn’t need to get as hot (making it safer for people with cardiovascular issues) and the health benefits of sauna are delivered more directly.   

What about low EMF saunas?  

As discussed above, some people want to enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna without exposing themselves to EMFs unnecessarily. Some sauna brands have exaggerated the health risks associated with EMFs in order to scare buyers into picking their “Low EMF Saunas.”   

While we don’t engage in scare tactics at Health Mate, we have developed and do provide low EMF saunas for people concerned about increasing their exposure. No one should feel that it is unsafe for them to enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna.  

Our patented Tecoloy Heaters penetrate 40% deeper than the carbon heaters used by other brands, heat to higher temperatures faster, and are low EMF certified. They are also more energy-efficient—the major advantage they have over carbon heaters— and provide 360 degrees of heat.  

Tecoloy Heater versus Carbon Heater

Additionally, our Inspire series has bridged the gap between smart saunas and low EMF technology. Most smart saunas rely on Bluetooth to connect a phone to the sauna’s controls, which increases the EMFs in and around the sauna. Our smart saunas use an app that connects via wi-fi. This means there is no increase in the number of EMFs being generated to operate your in-home sauna.