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How Infrared Heals Chronic Inflammation

In a world where technology has enhanced many aspects of our lives, we see a myriad of new ways to manage our health that go beyond basic diet and exercise. There are apps for health tracking via our wrist or in our sleep, advanced digital scales, VR for rehabilitation–even telehealth. This includes infrared therapy. While […]
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Why Infrared Is An Antidote For Hypertension

Infrared saunas are synonymous with the soothing spa vibe, a warm oasis for a tranquil way to end a day or workout. You’ve probably heard that saunas help with detox, and they do. And some people swear by infrared for relieving pain, migraines, and muscle aches. It helps with that, too! In fact, infrared saunas […]
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Gut Feeling: 4 Ways IR Benefits Your Biome

Bloating, acid reflux, cramps, GERD–these are all signs that something is off with our digestive tract. In fact, 60% or more of Americans suffer from digestive disorders or disease. Clearly our guts have gone nuts! Fortunately, we have access to healthier food than ever, plus probiotics, prebiotics, and other supplements. Medical development has improved for […]
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3 Reasons To Wake Up With Infrared

Like clockwork every morning you roll out of bed, shower, and grab coffee—not necessarily in that order. Maybe you skip the coffee and instead, grab a smoothie or lemon water. And maybe you don’t shower because you did that the night before. Whatever the case, it’s important to start the day feeling refreshed. Some people […]
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Cardio Workout vs Infrared Session: Which Is Better?

Check any number of resources and you’ll find the number one health concern in the U.S., if not globally is…not cancer. It’s heart disease and stroke. Shockingly, one person dies every 34 seconds from cardiovascular disease, per recent CDC reports. While there are many contributing factors, there are small and simple things we can do to […]
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Contrast Bathing: Can Infrared Help?

What’s old is new again! More than ever, we are seeing tried and true health and fitness practices often reserved for professional athletes become part of mainstream treatment for those seeking better overall health. And the latest resurgence is with contrast bathing. It’s a 2,000-year-old practice where you use both cold and heat treatments, interchanging […]
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3 Ways Infrared Will Help Lower Health Risks

Personal infrared saunas are becoming more and more commonplace.  What used to be considered a luxury item or something you experience in a spa is more accessible than ever. But would you consider them a recreational splurge or a health tool? In fact, infrared saunas are gaining more traction as a preventive health resource. Ben […]
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How Infrared Can Help With COPD

It’s the end of the day, and you can’t wait to relax in your home sauna. Oh, the joy of having your own personal wellness oasis! What you might not realize is that saunas aren’t just amazing health tools for easing stress and chronic pain. In addition to relaxation, infrared provides benefits beyond muscle strain […]
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