3 Ways Infrared Can Help Tackle The Blahs

Candice woke up after a poor night’s sleep yet again. She was clearly in a never-ending cycle of wake-caffeinate-work like crazy, and collapsed at the end of the day onto her couch. Her downfall was staying up binge-watching TV and falling asleep too late. Eventually, fed up with feeling worn out physically and emotionally, she […]
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Senior woman enjoying benefits of red light in infrared sauna

4 Key Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Your health and wellness directly affect your ability to thrive. Of course, we all want to live our best lives! The wellness market has taken note, offering plenty of tools to help us get there. Some have focused on light therapy as a health modality. Dozens of personal light therapy products have become popular options, […]
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Tecoloy heaters enhance the sweating process for detox in infrared saunas

Why Are Tecoloy Heaters So Great?

Health and fitness are so much a part of many people’s everyday lifestyles that home gyms and workout equipment are more common than ever. Plus, working out in your own living room is easy, thanks to online memberships and personal training apps. And, just as fitness has become more home-centered, infrared sauna ownership has also […]
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The Difference Between Red Light & Infrared Light Therapy

Light therapy is an umbrella term that’s been batted around for a while, not always clearly defined. You’ve probably heard of it due to its booming popularity either from watching videos, word of mouth, or from advertisements for a variety of holistic and wellness products that have flooded the market. Under that umbrella fall various kinds […]
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Chromotherapy: Color Light Therapy Benefits

While colors can have an impact on our moods, performance, and even how we make purchases, Chromotherapy (or color light therapy) benefits include healing in a variety of areas in the body and mind. Poor mental health can cause poor physical health, and vice versa, so it’s important to make sure we find ways to […]
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Low-EMF, highly emmisive technology

A Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Can Change Your Life

Today it’s easier than ever to help yourself get healthier, but sometimes eating right and exercising may not be enough. We are also in a constant battle against toxins and chemicals in the air around us and in the foods we eat. Especially of late, we also have to contend with airborne illnesses that can […]
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