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What if the front heaters are not turning on?

Health Mate saunas are designed to give our users the best possible infrared experience. In the event your sauna is having issues with the front heaters, please ensure your new Health Mate infrared sauna is correctly wired. 

Note: All heater cables should be plugged directly into the red power supply. 

If once you’ve watched the video, you determined the wiring is correct and there is still no heat from the front heaters, you’ll want to check the connection located on the front floor, right, under a small wood cover. The heater connection will be blue. Make sure this connection (blue plug) is plugged in. A red/brown colored wire should be on top. 

The connector can only be inserted one way. Make sure you have the connections lined up correctly based, where the red/brown wire is on top. 

If you’re still experiencing issues with the front heaters, please contact our technical support team.